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2020-07-20 10:18:30

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Guide to learn how to get more confetti in Paper Mario The Origami King

Paper Mario has finally returned with a new game where you must face your new enemy who turns out to be Olivia's brother, the evil King of Origami, who as a good enemy will cause you problems in the future.

On the other hand, as you progress through the game you will see certain black holes that have to be covered with the protagonist of this article, which is confetti, so we will teach you how to get more confetti in the game, which will be crucial for your advancement. .

How to get more confetti in Paper Mario The Origami King?

Confetti is a very limited item in Paper Mario The Origami King, but vitally important to advance the game. Because it is a "rare" item, players dedicate themselves to rigorously cultivating it for more. Mario will store the confetti in his bag. The bag can be completely filled, so keep using the confetti as you find to avoid leaving something behind. There are several ways to grow and get more confetti in the game.
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Heads of the face

Every time you face a boss in Paper Mario he will give you a few confetti. , but make sure your bag has enough room before jumping into a boss fight. This is because the game now has a new combat system that handles regular battles and boss fights separately.

Break everything open

If you still remember the hammer from the first game, then let me tell you that the weapon is here to stay at Paper Mario The Origami King. The hammer will be your weapon of choice, and apart from hitting enemies in the head, you can open wooden boxes and other interactive items in the outside world. You can get a lot of confetti using the hammer to open everything you see.

Confetti bags

One of the easiest ways in the game to get confetti in Paper Mario is to find confetti bags. These bags are randomly placed in various places on the map where you play and the location of these bags is completely random, so we really can't help you with that.

Now that you know how to get more confetti in Paper Mario The Origami King you should take into account all these methods when you are playing and you want to find several of these confetti that will help you in the game. Luck!

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