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Fabiola Rodriguez
2020-07-20 17:47:32

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Guide to find out how to find find  Sea Captain Toad in Paper Mario The Origami King

There are a lot of toads scattered on the map that will need your help during the game and some of them will have more hidden than others. Several of the toads are usually merchants and store owners in Toad Town and other stores. If you want to use the barcode in Toad Town, you must find the Sea Captain who was also removed. You can save him almost immediately by reaching an autumn mountain. In this guide we will teach you how to reach and save him.

How to find find  Sea Captain Toad in Paper Mario The Origami King?

When you manage to defeat one of the bosses called Color Pencils, you can eliminate the red streamer that comes from Peach Castle that the King of Origami has captured. You can return to Overlook Mountain, where the streamer with the captured toad had wrapped the tram.
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Once you release him, you can talk to him and you can ride the tram. Mario and Olivia meet a Bob-omb who has lost his memory. After a few short scenes you will find out that they will have a new traveling companion.

Later when you have finished traveling on the tram, you will arrive at Autumn Mountain, a mountain in the form of a fall that, hinting at its name, the leaves will seem to be on a day of falling to prepare for winter.

You can find the Captain of the Sea Toad immediately in front of the tram. He will be the blue fish that unfolds in front of the tram ramp on the right. Hit with your hammer to transform it back to its original shape. When you return to the city, you will now have access to the barcode to navigate to the sea and make explorations.

Now that you know how to find find  Sea Captain Toad in Paper Mario The Origami King you can make your trips across the sea to continue advancing in this great adventure. Luck!

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