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Exactly errors are a fundamental part of games. Let's see How to fix error code BC-124 seen in Overwatch

What is error code BC-124 is Overwatch?

This is nothing more than an inconvenience that we got ourselves and that has come to light after the last update, where specifically Xbox players have obtained this tedious problem that actually prevents them from enjoying the benefits that Overwatch brings to us, because simply knowing how to fix error code BC-124 error code allows us to get out of the inconvenience that means that we cannot connect live to the game's servers and with this we can enjoy it big.

This error is related to the console and the servers of the game, and coincidentally it has come out after the most recent updates of the game, thereby creating obstacles for us to enjoy it, especially for Xbox One users.

How to fix error code BC-124 in Overwatch?

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    Usually errors have solutions or sometimes possible solutions, as this actually implies the need to find an answer that allows us to enjoy the game in all its glory and more when this involves updates, so our first goal is to have our Xbox has been updated, to carry out this process it is necessary to go to the "Configuration", and check it manually, in case of any update we will simply see it in the "Updates and downloads" tab.

    Now, if our console is updated, it will only be necessary to test the cycle of on and off, because this involves disconnecting and reconnecting the router again, leaving a period of one minute between each operation, then when connecting it again it is time to enter the game, there we check that the connection works well, as this is usually interrupted when there is some type of broken connection.

    Another way to obtain the connection is to disconnect and reconnect once again our profile on Xbox, for this it is necessary to go to Blizzard and from there proceed to the connection "Connections", from where we will have access to make some important changes, such is In the case of the possibility of editing the Xbox Live configuration, if this does not give us positive results, it is time to prepare to send a ticket to the Blizzard technical support area to help us solve this error that is already enough formidable.

    Now that you know how to error code fix BC-124 it is time to make some changes to your Xbox console and enjoy all the content that Overwatch brings, the shots continue to wait for you.

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