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2022-10-10 00:51:29

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Today we bring a guide where we will re-explain How to use Apex Legends sensitivity in Overwatch 2.

What does it mean to use Apex Legends sensibility in Overwatch 2?

  Simply embarking on a configuration task in this game, sometimes the configurations lead us to take care of making various modifications to function normally in a game, this is part of the most complex configurations that we have and to talk to you about it, we are here.

How to use Apex Legends sensitivity in Overwatch 2?

  It is necessary to take care of visiting the third-party application, such is the case of "gamingsmart" and "", this allows us to use it to convert the units to what we can enter Overwatch 2, this is done in this way:
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  • We will open one of the two mentioned sites and in the Convert box we will write Apex Legends.
  • Then in the Convert box we will write Overwatch 2 to fill the other fields according to our choice in the sensitivity fields.
  • It is possible to click on Advanced configuration or, failing that, complete the other boxes, such is the case of POI and other parameters.
  • Next, we will get a unit estimate that we need to change to make use of a preferred sensitivity setting and even apply this unit conversation to any game of our choosing, this applies to most FPS games.


  This is everything we know about How to use Apex Legends sensitivity in Overwatch 2, so you just have to follow the instructions detailed here and that's it.

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