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2024-05-22 20:42:17

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Our guide today aims to explain how to get Burst Fire mode in MW3.

Even if you're a one-sided Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 player, weekly challenges will allow you to experiment. One of these challenges focuses on explosive weapons, requiring players to make kills in this game's explosive mode. When I'm busy, I tend to be a “spray and pray” player. For this reason, I try to use fully automatic weapons most of the time, but for missions I always make an exception. I was recently introduced to the Next Shot weapon as part of a weekly challenge because I had to kill 30 operators with it, and it's just plain cool.

What are all the multipurpose projectile weapons available in MW3?

There are four types of multipurpose projectile weapons available in MW3 and they are:

  • DG-56
  • FRA 5.56
  • M16
  • Renetti

There will probably be more Burst-Fire models in the future, but until then these four should do just fine.

How to get Burst Fire mode in MW3?

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To kill with Fire, you must first equip a Fire Weapon. Edit your existing class, create a continuous fire rifle and start killing in Explosion mode. If you have a versatile weapon, you should participate in matches and eliminate opponents with it to get more kills and complete challenges. When dropping into a weapon's room in continuous fire mode, you must also make sure your weapon is in precision fire mode. Most continuous fire weapons also have a single shot mode. I recommend doing a test session after implementation. If your gun fires multiple bullets per click, it will be in continuous fire mode.

What are explosive weapons in MW3? 

An explosive weapon is nothing more than any weapon that fires more than one bullet at the start of the shot. Unlike fully automatic or single-shot continuous fire weapons, which require a trigger pull for each round, continuous fire is intermediate and typically fires two to four rounds per round.

We conclude this guide on getting kills in Burst Fire mode, so now you can gear up and work on the challenges, these are often valuable for accessing new resources in MW3.

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