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2022-10-11 09:21:06

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The action in Overwatch 2 does not stop, which will lead us to explain How to play Roadhog in Overwatch 2.

What to know about Roadhog in Overwatch 2?

It is a tank that we must control for different reasons, being our choice we have to be useful for our team, but not directly focused on defense, now looking to know how to play Roadhog in Overwatch 2 it is appropriate to consider many aspects and as We can orient ourselves with the following content, let's see.

How to play Roadhog in Overwatch 2?

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You have to be aggressive to handle it, thus achieving protection for our team, only that it is a hero that maintains itself, unlike many tanks, our skills are not enough to defend our team, it is best to have it will lead us to have another additional one that is strong for damage, while we can play with someone who does not require the support of the team, and it is appropriate to consider it with the following:

  • Mastery of our Chain Hook: this is the most outstanding skill, which is important to cause deaths, we can grab the enemy and attract him towards us, with a range of 20 meters, when we release him we will shoot him in the chest or body, using primary or secondary shots of Scrap Gun to have death for sure, being a shotgun it is likely to be achieved, when hooking the opponent he will be stunned and with an instant we can attack him in melee or shoot him, we can give him a couple of hits and get the death.
  • Do not use the Chain Hook only to kill: it will be very useful for us to interrupt our enemies, which allows us to cancel the channeling abilities.
  • Take note of our environment: there are a couple of things to consider like this, one being for the chain hook, when using the skill we can't move, so we will be a target easily, also the 8-second time for the reuse, we need to know the location of health packs to help us.
  • Take a breather: the difference with another tank is that we do not have shields even temporarily, with an HP of 700 it is normal for a tank, now with the help of his Take a Breather ability it is possible to restore 350 HP in a period of time, with this we can reuse it after 8 seconds, so it requires moderation when using it and use it to heal ourselves.

This is all there is to know about How to play Roadhog in Overwatch 2, you just have to apply the instructions to get it.

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