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2022-10-10 21:16:06

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What we will do is start a game on the Colosseo map, being the closest to the arena and being in position we have to score the eliminations at the moment the crowd is applauding the gladiators, with this we will be completing the challenge, that is It is important that we are playing as a hero that can cause long-range deaths, among which are Ashe, Hanzo, Widowmaker or Soldier: 1776, considering that being outside the environment we will not be able to hear the cheers, the use of the offensive tanks, managing to have the best job while seeing the best heroes, now in custom match mode we will not be able to complete this challenge.

  In this way we finish our guide, now you know how to listen to the cheers of the masses in Overwatch 2, just enjoy it to the fullest.

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