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2022-10-05 08:55:40

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Failures usually occur in all games and for this reason we will explain How To Fix Overwatch 2 LC-202 Error - Disconnected From Game Server.

What is error Overwatch 2 LC-202 - Game Server Disconnected Error?

  This is another of the inconveniences that we get and that is usually being presented to a good number of players, to our good fortune there are some number of fixes that can be executed and we are going to talk about them here.

How To Fix Overwatch 2 LC-202 Error - Disconnected From Game Server?

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Restart our device: this is the first action to be carried out to solve this problem, this allows us to generate a kind of refresh, this also applies in the case of the router.

Check the network configuration: sometimes the Firewall is usually causing problems with the servers, in this case we must disable it, in addition to checking that the internet connection works correctly, we must prevent the Wi-Fi router from being too far away, Keep in mind that some applications in the background can consume bandwidth and this makes you have to close them, we can also run a speed test by switching to a cable connection, this is usually more stable.

There is a network diagnostic test that can be run and for this we must use Looking-Glass.

Uninstall and reinstall: This is a last resort for How To Fix Overwatch 2 LC-202 Error - Disconnected From Game Server, we only apply it in case none of the solutions worked.

It should be noted that this is an error that is usually related to the connection to the server and that usually occurs more regularly on consoles, this is because there is a possibility that there will be a lot of traffic and it is normal considering that it is a highly anticipated game by many. players, to stabilize it we will see how more servers tend to connect and thus satisfy the demand, this is an inconvenience that we will see just a few hours after starting to play, in this case, it is ideal to opt for hours where the activity is lower or outside of the so-called peak hours.

 In this sense, knowing How To Fix Overwatch 2 LC-202 Error - Disconnected From Game Server offers us the possibility of applying some fixes and thus continue progressing in the game.

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