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Getting problems in games is normal, let's see How To Fix Overwatch 2 Error LC 208.

What is Overwatch 2 LC 208 error?

  This is another of the inconveniences that we have in this game and that is usually occurring to a considerable number of players for various reasons, however, the most relevant is usually related to the server, this makes it impossible to access the game, For our good fortune there are some fixes that we can apply and to give you more details about it we have made this guide.

How To Fix Overwatch 2 Error LC 208?

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Be connected to the Internet: this is one of the first actions to take to solve this problem, having a low intensity signal can cause problems, in this case it is necessary to have a cable connection because it is usually more stable.

Check server status: sometimes the servers usually generate problems for us, this is because they may be down or under maintenance, if this usually happens in this way we must wait for them to be back online.

Make sure the NAT type is not Strict/3/C: this is because this can considerably limit the ability to interact with other players, if you have a NAT type of Strict on Xbox, 3 on PS or C in Nintendo it is necessary to take care of communicating with the internet provider, in addition to changing it to Moderate / 2 / B.

Change the server region: this is another solution to know How To Fix Overwatch 2 Error LC 208 and this applies only to PC, here we must go to the Overwatch 2 tab where we will see a globe icon next to the Play button, we must click in to change the region of the server that we have selected.

Install PS4 and PS5 versions: this is a solution that is favorable in the case of PS5 users, having several versions on the console allows us to switch between them in the event that a version may not work for us, this allows us to switch to another and thus access the game without any complications.

Link the account with the console: this is a necessary fix that we must execute to solve this error, if we still do not have it linked, it is necessary to go to the connections page and connect the accounts, given If we have them linked, we must unlink them and link them again.

Note: In the event that the servers are down, there is simply nothing we can do other than wait for them to come back online.

 This is all you need to know about How To Fix Overwatch 2 Error LC 208, it will only be enough to apply some of the solutions and thus continue enjoying the game.

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