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With our guide you will learn more about How to convert Valorant mouse sensitivity to Overwatch 2.

What to know about Valorant's mouse sensitivity to Overwatch 2?

  Having a situation with the handling of the mouse for this game we have to look for the use of custom configurations, which will help us adapt it to the way we play, only that we can use the configuration of some other game such as Valorant that reaches be very comfortable, now this requires being able to convert the sensitivity of Valorant's mouse and for this the details offered by the following content are presented.

How to convert Valorant mouse sensitivity to Overwatch 2?

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Having variations between games for the sensitivity of the mouse we have to be able to make a conversion that allows us to have similar configurations, for this case looking for the best precision we have to use the calculator, being handheld or online we must log in to Valorant to verify what the configuration that the mouse has for this, what we will do is multiply the number of Valorant senses by 10.6 taking into account the result to follow.

  We can conclude that knowing how to convert Valorant mouse sensitivity to Overwatch 2 is easier than thought, you just have to follow the instructions to achieve it.

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