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We welcome you to our guide on How to complete the double-double challenge in Overwatch 2.

What to know about the double-double challenge in Overwatch 2?

  Since the arrival of the game we will be facing constant challenges to complete, being the main way in which we access the XP that is required to improve levels quickly, taking into account that we will do it if we have the battle pass to access its rewards, one of the missions is the double-double challenge, to have details about it and complete it, it is necessary that our attention is focused on the following content, let's see it.

How to complete the double-double challenge in Overwatch 2?

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It is necessary for this challenge that we achieve the elimination of 5 opponents from the Memorial Library or the Montebianco Hotel, it is not complex to reach these locations, which are in Ne Queen Street on the Push Map, when we are close to these we will see them generate to our team, a couple of points of established generations will be presented, being Curling Club or Union Station, if it is in the latter we will have Hotel Montebianco nearby, now being in Curling Club we will have the library in front, for this challenge we will control a robot that we must take to the enemy base, the team that has it closest to the enemy's base is the winner, when we find these locations we must eliminate the opponents considering that the robot will be by the structure or its surroundings.

  We hope that the information detailed here on How to complete the double-double challenge in Overwatch 2 has been very useful for your fun and progress in such a busy game.

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