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Nintendo Switch: How to remap your controller

2020-04-15 12:27:18

For all those who are wondering how to remap your Nintendo Switch controller in this article you will find all the answers you are looking for.

What's new in Nintendo Switch update 10.0.0.

The newest Nintendo portable console update of the moment has recently been unveiled, the update includes new features for the console, a bookmark feature for News, a section called Game Activity Settings and a whole lot more. But what has caught our attention the most and in general what most catches the attention of users is the new ability to reassign any controller that is connected to the console to suit personal preferences and today we will tell you how to reassign your controller. easily.

How to reassign your Nintendo Switch controller.

To reassign the buttons to any connected controller you will have to access the System Configuration section that has a gear icon, in the configurations you will have to access the Controllers and sensors section where you will have access to all the controllers that are connected to the devices of the left side, as long as they're Nintendo's first-party controllers, as well as Switch Lite exclusively.

You can configure each individual Joy-Con by tapping each one to display horizontally to reassign it that way.

Selecting the controller you will see an image showing all the buttons on the controller as well as the Control Stick Settings in the center allowing you to change the control bars.

You can select the buttons to access the menu that will ask you to which location to move that entry. Note that some buttons will need to be assigned before saving your changes.

Once the changes have been made you will have to press Done to save them. Although you can always reset the controller to the default layout, save the mapping for future use, or load a previously saved mapping layout.

  We hope that our guide on how to reassign your Nintendo Switch controller has been useful and now that the update is available you can reassign the buttons of the menu that is most comfortable for your game.

Nintendo Switch

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