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2021-03-15 10:56:34

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Today's guide to Nintendo Switch lets us explain how to disconnect a Joy-Con, let's see.

What is a Joy-Con in Nintendo Switch?

  Perhaps this question sounds redundant, but in some cases it is necessary to clarify things completely, because a Joy-Con is nothing more than the Nintendo Switch console controller, it is the name assigned to it, it is possible to disconnect one or both controls, and it is a simple enough action.

How to disconnect a Joy-Con in Nintendo Switch?

  •   We must press the small black pairing button on our Joy-Con, in order to turn it off.
  • Obviously this will disconnect from the console being just one click away.

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Now to proceed to disconnect or rather separate the Joy-Con from Nintendo Switch we must consider:

  •   Press the release button that is usually located on the back of the console.
  • This is done while we slide the Joy-Con up.
  • Then we will see that the Joy-Con will work as wireless controls for the console.

  Now that you know how to disconnect a Joy-Con you can give yourself the opportunity to do it, because definitely Nintendo Switch is unique.

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