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We are still immersed in Nier Replicant Ver1.22 which makes it interesting to tell you how to beat Shade Goose.

What is Shade Goose in Nier Replicant Ver1.22?

This is simply a boss with which we get in this game and there is the possibility of defeating it with some ease, since it is necessary to make clear this is usually found in the "Castle of the Lord of Shadows", which makes it possible to be located in way in a row, especially since several meetings usually take place here.
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How to beat Shade Goose in Nier Replicant Ver1.22?

Our work leads us to travel to the castle of the Lord of the shadow and enter the ballroom, where the battle usually occurs, it is necessary to be to dodge a charged attack that usually causes a lot of damage if it hits us, by dodging it we will see that this boss He will crash into the wall and this can stun him for a while, an ideal time to take advantage of getting closer and hurting him.

There is the possibility that this boss can poison us and we must avoid it at all costs, because what he throws at us is not usually cured with "Antidotal Grass", so that it is necessary to keep a certain distance while we fight, in addition to having the "Dark Spear "This can do considerable damage to the boss, it is necessary to cause damage in quantity and constant until reaching the ladder so that this is where the spear fulfills its respective functionality, it is necessary to repeat the process once more to eliminate this boss and with it continue having fun.

 Now that you know how to beat Shade Goose it is time to implement this fight and in this way continue the journey through Nier Replicant Ver1.22

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