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2022-10-18 09:51:00

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Keep reading because today you will be able to learn how to request a trade in NHL 23, so pay attention.

What is trading in NHL 23?

Trading is a request you can make to go pro, allowing you to switch teams whenever you want.

How to Request a Trade in NHL 23?

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To request the trade, you will have to go to Be a Pro mode. Start by accessing the game mode to trade and try to be recruited in the regular season before the deadline, or you will not be able to request it.

Be sure to check the dialogue options, so that the conversation skills work and choose well, because your answers will affect things like the brand score and the likeability of your teammate and management.

This could potentially affect your position on the depth chart, such as requesting a trade. You can save before an exchange in case it doesn't work out.

In this way we finish this guide on How to Request a Trade in NHL 23, so we hope we have been very helpful, and we hope that you can take advantage of this guide so that you can complete the exchange whenever you want.

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