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2022-10-17 07:47:34

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The bugs are usually present in all games and for this reason we will explain how to fix NHL 23 black screen.

What is NHL 23 black screen?

  This is another of the inconveniences that we face in this game and that usually leaves us stuck on a black screen that shows us absolutely nothing, this is usually a tedious and annoying issue that prevents us from enjoying this simulation game that It has interesting content and we are not willing to miss it, in this case it is necessary to apply some solutions and to detail more about it, we are here.

How to fix NHL 23 black screen?

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Verify that the console and the game are up to date: this is one of the actions to be carried out and it is that many times having outdated consoles and games usually generates various errors.

Turn the console off and on: this is another mechanism to implement to solve this problem, to execute it we must turn off the console completely and this is done by pressing the Xbox or PS button on the controller, in addition to disconnecting the power cable for another minute or minus and then plug it back in to turn on the console.

Verify that the HDMI cable is connected correctly: sometimes we do not connect this cable correctly and this causes errors to be shown.

Delete saved game data: this is another thing to do to know how to fix the NHL 23 black screen and this applies to PS4, PS5 and Xbox, for this we must:


  •  Go to the start menu in order to select my games and applications.
  • Proceed to highlight NHL 23 and press the Menu button on the controller to select the Saved Data box.
  • Then we proceed to select the NHL 23 save data to delete and confirm the process.
  • Finally, we restart the console.


 In the case of Xbox we must:


  •  Open the Guide menu by simply pressing the Xbox button on the controller and proceed to select Profile and system.
  • Next, we select Settings, then System, and finally Storage.
  • Next, we are shown a Storage Device Manager screen where we select Erase Local Saved Games and this will remove the saved game data from the console's hard drive.


 In the case of PS we must:


  •  Open the Settings menu where we will select Storage and proceed to Choose saved data and select CoD Warzone.
  • Next, we press the Options button on the controller, and then select Saved Game Data Files.
  • We select Delete and we will confirm, by doing so we restart the console and start the game.


 Uninstall and reinstall: this is an action to execute in the event that nothing works, we only completely uninstall and reinstall the new copy, this allows us to repair possible damaged files.

 Now that you know how to fix NHL 23 black screen, you can apply any of these solutions and continue enjoying the game.

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