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2022-10-17 08:17:36

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The crashes usually occur in all games, let's see How to fix NHL 23 Unable to Connect to EA Server Error.

What is NHL 23 Unable to Connect to EA Server Error?

 This is a problem that we get and that it is important to solve, this error prevents us from connecting to the game servers and therefore the gaming experience is ruined preventing us from playing with friends, this error comes to add to other problems that we get in this game and that are not usually anything strange because they happen in various games, there are some reasons why this error may be occurring and that is that sometimes we have Internet connections that may be slow or unstable, this makes it impossible to access the servers, that we have problems with our account, in short, there are several reasons why we encounter this error, for our good fortune there are some things we can do and about it we are going to talk in this guide.

How to fix NHL 23 Can't connect to EA server error?

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Check server status: this is a first fix to execute and that is that sometimes the servers may be inactive and this will be what generates the problem, it is vital to follow social media to check it because through this way They usually give information about it.

Delete the alternate MAC address (for Xbox) or change the NAT type (for PlayStation): this is another action to execute to know How to fix NHL 23 Cannot connect to EA server error and it applies to consoles, in this sense, we must :

  • Restart the console and press the Guide button to open the Xbox guide.
  • Next, we select Settings and then Network Settings to locate Advanced Settings.
  • We proceed to choose the alternative MAC address in Change configuration and select Delete, once we are prompted we proceed to restart the console and that's it.


 In the case of PS4 or PS5, changing the NAT type implies:


  •  Go to the login page on the router and log in with the required information.
  • Then, we will go to the router configuration and open the posts for PS TCP: 1935, 3478-3480 / UDP: 3074, 3478-3479.
  • Then, we proceed to save the configuration and then restart the internet router and the console.


 Restart your Internet modem/router: some errors usually occur in games due to the Internet connection, so it is necessary to restart the modem and for this we must:


  •  Close all the devices connected to our router and turn off and disconnect and then wait around 60 seconds.
  • Next, we connect and turn on the router to then connect our console and try to download NHL 23.


 Try to use a different DNS: this is another fix that can work for us and this allows us to make use of Google's DSNS, thus implying replacing with the IP addresses of Google's DNS servers.

 This is everything we know about How to fix NHL 23 Unable to Connect to EA Server Error, just apply any of these fixes and enjoy the game.