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Xbox One: How to fix Slow Download Speed

2020-02-12 10:10:58

Have you ever wondered How to fix the slow download speed ?, Here we bring the answer to that question in this explanatory guide of Xbox One

  Explain how to fix the slow download speed in Xbox One is what brings us back here today, and there are you want to indicate that this could be given to saturation due to so many appliances that could possibly be connected and working with WiFi, only in the case Xbox One specific this could present other variations, and this is possible some software problem, the detail of the matter here is that we will explain exactly how to solve that inconvenience that afflicts us so much.

How to fix slow download speed in Xbox One?

It is evident that Xbox One usually presents problems in terms of downloads, and the detail that they are slow is not exactly the most pleasant thing for anyone, precisely this is a topic that has many owners worried, trying to get some solution, because it is possible To solve this problem either by restarting the system or simply closing the software, one way or another, we will describe below some important elements that can solve this fault.

How to restart your Xbox One?

One of the options to know how to fix the slow download speed is undoubtedly reboot the system, because for most users this is the solution to this problem, it is a simple enough process that we can do without any problem , this is done as follows:

  • Press and hold the Xbox button on our remote.
  • Once the menu appears, select restart the console.
  • Then, restart once more, so that the system suspends any download, then it restarts.
  • When the Xbox has started again it is necessary to check the downloads, as they must have resumed on the My games and applications screen.
  • Next, we proceed to close absolutely all the programs that are running.

Suppose that the restart did not affect anything, and the download speed is still slow, we will close all the programs that are running, because this means that it is the game software and streaming applications who could be pausing the downloads, in the background of the system, as this does not prevent the software from downloading quickly.

Close games and software in Xbox One.

In our quest to know how to fix the slow download speed we are faced with the need to close everything, for this it is necessary:

  • Move to the home screen of the console.
  • Then we proceed to highlight either the game or the software that may be running.
  • Then we proceed to press the Menu button on the control of the Xbox One.
  • There we will see that a pop-up menu appears, it is precisely where we will select Exit to close the software.
  • In this way being closed, we can check the download speed.

How to cancel and restart the downloads in Xbox One?

Definitely knowing how to fix the slow download speed has become a necessary attraction to solve our biggest problem at the moment, despite having already tried the previous options and having no solution so far, which leads us to have than cancel the download or installation of the software, although we believe that it might work less than the alternatives mentioned above, only that it is well worth a try.

  • You need to go to the home screen, and open My games and applications.
  • Then select Queue, in order to highlight the software that is being downloaded.
  • Next we press the menu button of the Xbox One controller and select cancel.
  • With the download canceled this software can be downloaded again from the Microsoft Store or simply by reinserting the game disc respectively.

Why are my downloads still slow at Xbox One?

If none of the above solutions is feasible for you, obviously it can be the internet connection, this may be due to the fact that many users may find themselves cheating simultaneously, as evidently very recently this and gave, there would be failures in the network traffic and step with Halo Reach, the download may be slow when a game is usually launched recently, because the network is congested, because everyone wants to download it.

Another option on this problem of slow speed may be our internal networks, obviously these problems are usually much more complex, it is possible to restart your modem or router, and verify the download speed when you are using other different devices, as long as they are Run a network using the SpeedTest.net tool, because when corroborating that the other devices could also be slow it is obviously not your xbox, and so we could define exactly what to know How to fix the problem of slow speed, is a complex issue and that obviously each one It has its own solution in the Xbox One.

The problem of slow speeds is a persistent issue in the Xbox One, but little by little they are proving solutions for this, you have used some of our advice, some can serve you, not everything can be so bad.

We have reached the end of our Xbox One guide where we have explained exactly how to fix the slow download speed, we hope you can get the solution and do not have to fight for this problem anymore.

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