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Warframe: How to get Panthera Prime Relics

2020-07-15 12:33:51

Today we made for you a Warframe guide where we plan to explain how to obtain the panthera prime relics, let's see.

What are the panthera prime relics in Warframe?

  These are only certain pieces necessary to be able to make a more complete weapon, our job is to obtain and cultivate them, as this also occurs because panthera prime has recently been incorporated, which has been intended to bring gold to be incorporated.

How to get panthera prime relics at Warframe?

  The first thing to consider is that we must play enough, as this allows us to get some necessary components, and as soon as we have them we will only take them to the Void Fissure missions to open them, this is a really short task.

These are the Panthera Prime Relics:

  •  Meso: We can count on some luck and get rotation A to drop one, for this it is necessary to carry out at least 10 waves and repeat again, as this is true during a defense mission in Io on Jupiter.
  • Lith: This allows us to spend a short time performing a mission, since it is a piece that can be obtained through a quick capture in Hepit in the void.
  • Axi: This relic requires a rotation of A to be performed, this is usually done during an intersection mission on io in Eris.
  •  Neo: This relic is obtained in an intersection mission since it is found with the rotations B and C in Xini in Earis.

These are the components of the Panthera Prime Relics:

  •  For Lith P3 a rare component and it is a barrel.
  • For Meso N10 a rare component Value.
  • For Axi C5 a component Comin the Template.
  • For Meso P2 a rare component is the Receiver.

Now that you know how to obtain the panthera prime relics it is time to carry out this search and be able to enjoy Warframe with all normality.

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