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This time we decided to take a walk around here to tell you about Warframe and teach you how to obtain the Karyst Prime Relics

What are Karyst Prime Relics in Warcraft?

A world as moved as this could not have less and the relics are only a necessary weapon, because she brings a considerable amount of lethality, it is possible that this is what makes her somewhat more attractive, so we cannot let pass overlook and achieve one of them, speak of a time when you need to use it.

How to get the Karyst Prime Relics in Warframe?

The first thing we must consider is that in order to obtain these relics it is really necessary to carry out some tasks, since these relics are necessary to open the Void Fissure missions.

These are the relics we need:

  • Meso: This relic requires you to make 10 waves, get out and do it again, because this is done within a defense mission on Jupiter.
  • Lith: Obtaining this relic does not take much time, since it will only be necessary to make an extremely fast capture of Hepit in the void.
  • Axi: It is necessary to cultivate these relics we get with Neo, this Axi relic can become at the intersection B and C in Xinien Eris.
  • Neo: This is another intersection mission but with a slight shift and it's on the Aen Xini Rotation in Eris.

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    Karyst Prime relics usually contain some rather rare components and are as follows:

    • The Meso P3 relic contains Blueprints and are quite common.
    • The Axi B4 relic contains Mango, this is Uncommon.
    • The Meso K3 relic contains a blade and this really is rare.

    This is all we know about How to Obtain the Karyst Prime Relics, as you obviously have to play a good time at Warframe to get and cultivate them.

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