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Void Bastards: Tips and Tricks to play - beginner’s guide

2019-05-31 20:41:56

In the challenging Void Bastards you need to be very attentive to get everything you need. In the game it is very important that you get various resources for sobreviri, such as food to not end up starving, ammunition to defend yourself, as well as many others to make the trip a bit easier, including the fuel to find all the previous articles. Although the base of Void Bastards is a bit "simple", its nature implies that the goals are evolving continuously, which can complicate some things. That's why in this guide details are mentioned with important recommendations to survive or die less in Void Bastards.

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Pay attention to what the game says

Although Void Bastards can be provided with information before boarding each ship, usually the same game can provide many clues as to what it can do or happen in the cotext, with visual cues.

In Void Bastards you can indicate everything you can plunder by highlighting all this in green. In this sense, things like boxes, drones, among other objects will be highlighted in green when they can be looted. Also, objects that are loose will have a cloud with sparks that rise in them.

With regard to enemies that are out of sight, usually a text with a somewhat strange sound effect is produced, for example in a closed door. This in order to give a warning.

Death does not make you lose everything

In Void Bastards, dying does not completely restore the progress you are making. Because of this, the tools that have been built as well as most of the elements that have been achieved, will pass to the rehydrated prisoner that follows. This makes dying an iterative process and although you can surely end up dying, chances are you can end up with a very nice new weapon in the next reincarnation.

Do not cling to a prisoner: Do not think about dying, but do not plan to survive

Any progress in Void Bastards, no matter how small it is, will always be an important progress since in this game, this is done in an "incremental" way. In this sense it must be taken into account that each prisoner received should be used for as long as possible and after gathering all he can with this and building new things, simply leave it and take advantage of a better prisoner.

Each prisoner is different from another

This detail in the game is linked to the aforementioned. Each prisoner that can be controlled, has a benefit or deterioration related to him, his nature or physical contexture. These features can be displayed on the left side of the menu, on the Bio tab.

Among the specific characteristics that define the prisoners are that some are short stature and therefore more difficult to hit. On the other hand, among the cons some prisoners may have is the one who is a smoker, so they can cough and thereby alert the enemies.
The characteristics that define certain abilities and benefits as well as the negative aspects, taking into account these characteristics, can help a lot in the handling of the game.

Each boat has its differences

Like the prisoners, each ship has its different characteristics. All these aspects inherent to each ship can be listed on the right side of the map screen, while in the upper part you can see characteristics such as the type of ship and aspects such as the resources that can be collected, specific locations in the ship as seasons for healing.
In the lower part of the screen you can see the useful articles that can be found. Later you will find the types of enemies to face. All these things help determine if a place should be visited, given that with these data you can determine if it is possible to get what you are looking for and if it is likely to die there or survive the enemies that come out there.

Below the data for the enemies you can appreciate the attributes or defects of the ship. These aspects can serve as attributes for prisoners where some are beneficial and others are harmful.

It is very important to pay attention to all this information provided by the game so that it is possible to know what problem or benefit you may be getting into.

Plan the routes

Whether navigating in the nebula or on a ship, it is important to use the map to plan the route to a point farther from what you plan to go.

For the case in the Star Map, you should only see the nodes that are opened each time you reach the next stop. When falling in a stop it is possible to get some ammunition necessary for that particular moment, but it turns out to be the case in that in the next three ships where you must stop are full of enemies, so all the collected ammunition should be used to try to survive. This is why it is important to have the habit of preparing for a farther stop to which you are going.

The above also applies to a route inside the ship. Being inside, it's always about getting a balance between the health and potential damage that can be received, the ammo and how many enemies can be controlled and the oxygen that determines how much time you can explore on the ship. Due to all this it is important to plan the whole route considering everything that is going to be done.

It is not necessary to fully explore each ship

While it may be very tempting to explore an entire ship when you are visiting, especially at the beginning, it is very important to keep in mind that resources must be saved as they become increasingly scarce. Along with this also the enemies become more difficult. Taking into account this, there is nothing wrong with entering the ship taking what is needed and moving forward in order to save resources. In other words, even to get the resources it is necessary to make an adequate planning.

Identify when to stop and when to skip a ship

Some ships do not have what you need, they could even be full of enemies, taking into account that there is nothing wrong with not stopping to check a ship when you see it if you have fuel and the food necessary to survive. It is good to take into account that there will always be another ship or another prisoner to use.

Conserves ammunition and kills creatively.

In the universe of Void Bastards, resources such as the munion, although it is not scarce, is not abundant either. Because of this it is important to be very careful every time you are dealing with enemies, trying to eliminate them by creative means. Fortunately the game gives you some options.

There are some things that can be done with tourists. These are a fairly common type of enemy and they have a low level. In this set, Tourists turn out to be non-aggressive and usually harmless on their own. However, these enemies tend to explode when you get too close, which makes them a danger if they surprise you. However, that tendency can be used in favor because you can eliminate them with a single shot and with this you can also inflict damage indirectly to everything that is around you. This means that tourists can be used to kill or partially damage other enemies, saving ammunition or even without spending it.

On the other hand, you can also save ammunition with the Bushwackers. These are proximity mines that damage the surrounding area. You can also shoot the Bushwackers to explode whenever you want. This last move can eliminate Gunpoint with a single bullet, allowing you to save a lot of ammo and health.

Your zapper is indispensable

A weapon that will be very important in Void Bastards is the Zapper. This weapon can be built quite early in the game.
With this weapon it is possible to stun and leave the normal citizens frozen for several seconds while the robotic enemies turn them off for a long time, which allows them to avoid them and escape or destroy them.

Although it is not a main weapon and therefore it is easy to forget, it is always good to take into account that you have and use it since it turns out to be very effective.

And these are some recommendations and details that you can take into account to survive or die less in Void Bastards, keep this information in mind to achieve it.

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