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Available for users of PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC, Call of Duty Blackoutes is the first time that adds the Battle Royale gameplay to one of the titles of the famously recognized series of first action video games and shots person with their new modality Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale.

The Battle Royale gameplay has become incredibly popular in the gamer community around the world, who have adopted Battle Royale mode as one of their favorites since the arrival of Fortnite.

But clearly it was not only Fortnite who exploited the potential of such a lovely gameplay. Call of Duty Blackout has taken advantage of and launched its own Battle Royale gameplay, but to get the best start in Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale they should have given us some tips and tricks to do it in the best way. But we already did that work

We've been testing Battle Royale mode on Call of Duty Blackout, and we've been able to pull out some tricks and tips that we would have liked to know before starting to play Battle of the Call of Duty Blackout mode.

That's why we decided to prepare a guide for tricks and tips for Battle Royale mode in Call of Duty Blackout. Our complete guide of tricks and tips will be very useful to develop you in a very efficient way in Call of Duty Blackout.

Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale Tips To Win More Games

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Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale mode cheats and tips.

The tricks and tips we have been able to collect for all of us have been taken out of the long beta version of Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale.

Our tricks and tips of Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale will serve you to enter with a little knowledge to the new game mode.

  •     The first tip of our Guide of Tricks and Tips of Callout Duty Blackout Battle Royale is that when you jump from the helicopter to the beginning of the game, we recommend pointing the camera down to fall much faster than if you set your eyesight at your level eyes or upwards. Once you enter the delivery point jump down looking to try to get first to the ground and have a little more control for a few seconds.
  •     Always seek to be able to fall into the field of fire when you are starting Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale. This is where you will find the salseo and the action, it will give you your first encounter of battle and your first encounter with the death also.
  •     Do not get confused, Call of Duty Blackout is not Black Ops 4. In Blackout the bullet drop is clearer, and in the long run, the guns feel completely different.
  •     The next point in our list of tricks and tips is that when you find yourself looting you may end up picking up certain special items with special abilities.
  •     The specialized equipment used in Black Ops 4 also plays a role in Blackout. You will be able to find articles like the hook of the ruin, or the barricade of Torgue which work in the same way as in Black Ops 4.
  •     Melee is pretty useless in its current form, so do not sneak up to kill body and think you're going to KO someone with a knife struck.
  •     Being in Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale, try to get armor that has a level 3 of protection to take care of your head.
  •     Try to shoot the zombies only when it is strictly necessary, you must keep in mind that the sound of the shots can cause your enemies to determine your location by a shot that really does not benefit you at all.
  •     This tip is one of the most important of our list of tricks and tips for Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale. Take advantage of the shadows to hide when you need it, hiding here is tremendously easy and effective.
  •     Use fast equipment to give up the awkward menu system.
  •     If you have a nice triangle in the menu you can change the weapon selected by another.
  •     In Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale the shrubs are not transferable so you will not be able to hide in them.
  •     If you need to change the shape of the minimap you can do it in the options menu.
  •     You can shoot regardless of whether you're underwater.
  •     The blue beams that are in the sky of Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale are special boxes.
  •     It is much easier to take out long range enemies at Blackout, compared to the likes of PUBG and Fortnite. Keep this in mind, and stick to buildings whenever you can, sneaking into the open is not really an option.
  •     The power of the rocket launcher is really deplorable, we recommend using it directly against an enemy.

How to Wear Wings in Call of Duty Blackout.

During the blackout in Call of Duty Blackout Battle Royale you will be wearing the wing suit which will cover the ground to your destination, plus you can use it several times. To activate it, jump high, two stories must do it, then run and jump from one edge while keeping the jump down.

Call of Duty Blackout Service.

The Call of Duty Blackout service call in Blackout has drops of supply. This is given during each Mach, and you will know if one is being dropped by an advertisement by the announcer. You will then hear a plane and can follow the sound to work in the general area where the cage will fall.

The smoke will start Spew from the supply box and you'll have to approach it to get the reward you can for various weapons, armor and other items.

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