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Valorant has a lot of action for us and therefore it is usually necessary to know how to Forfeit A Match, let's see.

Is it possible to Forfeit A Match in Valorant?

  This could be said that it is usually simple if we talk about facing another player and simply losing, however, knowing how to Forfeit A Match, leads us to consider the possibility of resigning, in such a way that they are only part of the most recent characteristics that They have been incorporated into this game and they come to give it a slightly different look that is present in update 1.02.

How to Forfeit A Match in Valorant?

  This can be a bit illogical, however, it can be done and for this it is necessary:
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    • Choose to press the Enter key which allows us to open the chat box.
    • Then it is necessary to write "/ ff" in the chat, we can also take care of writing "" / forfeit ".
    • We must get our teammates to agree and in this way this successful action can take place.
    • It should be noted that it is possible that our colleagues can vote for or against, which makes them have to write "Yes" or "No", even we also have the opportunity to vote.
    • To vote we usually need to press F5 and F6 on our keyboard.
    • Voting "Yes" allows the host party to be lost, voting "No" is the opposite.


     It is necessary to take into account that:


    •  It is not allowed to use the resignation function before round 8 of the game.
    • We are only allowed to use this feature once per half.
    • This match loss feature is usually beneficial in Spike Rush mode.
    • It is possible to quit a match when the situations are justified.


    Generally speaking, knowing how to Forfeit A Match offers us the opportunity to exit the game when we consider it favorable and choose to retake Valorant later.

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