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If you do not know how to raise happiness in Slipways do not worry, because here we will tell you how to do it.

What is happiness in Slipways?

It is a statistic that each planet you colonize has and works in the following way, the more established a colony becomes, the happier those who live on it, which naturally improves the colony in general. On the contrary, if happiness is very low, you will be thrown out of the office, and you will lose, so knowing how to increase happiness is very important.

How to raise happiness in Slipways?

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You can find the general happiness index of your empire at the top of the screen, where the icon of the small heart is, the largest number corresponds to the general happiness and the small one is the one that shows how it is changing, the latter is usually in negative when it is built in said empire.

To increase happiness, it is important to convert any new world you colonize from Struggling to Established to zero. You must bear in mind that the empire will lose happiness when a planet is established in Fight, so you will have to turn it around so that it is established, but for it to become positive you can go further by exchanging two of your imports and two of your exports so that you can create trade routes, the requirements will appear in the planet description.

In case you have population resources on planets that are not doing anything, we recommend putting your population to work, since otherwise happiness will decrease.

When happiness is positive, you can take a break and click the arrow in the upper right to speed up time without doing anything, or you can inspect planets.
That's all you need to know about raise happiness in Slipways, so we hope you can set the happiness level of each colony as high as possible.

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