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Guide to learn how to get Little Mermaid in SINoALICE

  Recently, the little mermaid has joined the cast of the SINoALICE fairy tale characters. With the update on July 8th, you'll be able to get a Little Mermaid / Breaker (breaker class is blade specialist) and a new class of Snow White / Crusher that specializes in hammers.

As a result of the update, the most logical thing is that you can only get them from that date where it was updated. From there you can access the Grimoire Hammer of Justice through the Grimoire tab in the SINoALICE menu. You have the possibility to buy Hammer of Justice Grimoires with the in-game currency, Twilight Crystals. Now yes, we will teach you how to obtain the Little Mermaid with the information that we have prepared for you.
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    How to get Little Mermaid in SINoALICE?

    First of all, we have to clarify that there is NO GUARANTEE that you will actually get the new characters from the Little Mermaid / Breaker and Snow White / Crusher in any Grimoire, yet the update raises the highest rates to win the new characters, and the The game is quite transparent when you see what the rates really are. Inside the Grimoire you can touch the "Appearance Rates" button and get all the information you need before deciding how many Twilight Crystals to place.

    In case you need more money you can generate more playing in the main story until you get the money obtained by varying the characters from time to time, this way you can get more.

      Now that you know how to get Little Mermaid in SINoALICE, you can add this princess to the list of fairy tale characters in the game, which is something we will not always see.

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