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PUBG Mobile offers us the opportunity to get rewards and therefore you must know the codes for June 2021.

What does it mean to look up the June 2021 codes in PUBG Mobile?

  This is simply a necessary task because they offer us rewards that can be obtained for free, fortunately this game has some amount of gifts that without a doubt it is not possible to put aside, we must also consider redeeming them as soon as possible and thus access to certain favorable elements.

What are the codes for June 2021 in PUBG Mobile?

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    Two important elements need to be considered:


    •  These codes are free therefore they expire extremely quickly.
    • It is vital to enter them correctly so that they can work.


     It should be noted that these codes are limited and are usually available right now, in this sense, it is necessary to take into account that they must be obtained and redeemed quickly, since the event ends on June 8.

    These are the codes and most have an expiration date of June 8.


    •  GODZILLAKONG: can be exchanged for 1 airplane pilot license and 20 AG.
    • GODZILLAVSKONG: can be exchanged for a rainbow glider trial (three days long) and 1 airplane pilot license.
    • TITANSLASTSTAND: redeemed for a blue glider trial (duration of three days) and an airplane pilot license.
    • MONSTERDETECTED: usually exchanged for 555 BP, and 1 Airplane Pilot License.
    • MAY25PUBGMOBILE we can exchange it for 1 Airplane Pilot License and 3 Silver.
    • BARISGEID: Usually exchanged for Kong Team - Pany lasts for one day.


    In general terms, know the codes for June 2021 and thus access the rewards in PUBG Mobile.

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