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Pokémon GO: How To Capture Rayquaza

2019-08-05 17:41:04

Next we are going to give you some tips to capture Rayquaza in the Pokemon Go game.

Why capture Rayquaza in Pokemon Go?

First of all it is important to know that Rayquaza is really a character very loved by Pokemon lovers throughout the sagas and today in Pokemon Go this dragon has made its appearance again, eye but that is for a limited time because it is only available for just over a month from the last day of July until the second day of September, since the Niantic company has given us the possibility of grabbing a black and illuminated model of this dragon, as we all obviously know is something that You really want to have it in your hands and enjoy it in this game.

Capturing Rayquaza is phenomenal because it is a pokemon that you can not ignore, because it is designed of the excellent that we can see throughout Pokemon Go, because it is a pokemon legend, on the other hand it is also a weapon, and it will make it quite complicated to compete against him due to the spectacular brightness that it has, you must keep in mind that to find it you must be very lucky since it is honestly difficult but not impossible which deduces that the probabilities are few, but it does not mean that with a little effort cannot be achieved.

What can we use to capture Rayquaza in the Pokemon Go game?

Capturing Rayquaza is not easy but you can do several things so that it does not seem so complicated, because you can include some pokemon that are stronger especially those that are ice type, because attacks with these pokemos can generate considerable damage, attacks with other powers such as that of the fairies might be feasible but they will never match the ice attack that is really viable at all, keep in mind that you also need to group a whole team to be able to capture the dragon in Pokemon Go.

To capture Rayquaza there are a few options among which are the large counters such as a dragon breath or a meteor dragon, you can also use the best pokemones you have with snow and avalanches, or ice pokemones such as shard, frost breath, If you do not opt ​​for psychic pokemons like ice beam, to name a few, keep in mind that there is a set of movements in Rayquaza, but batteries because if your dragon Rayquaza knows about them it will make your life more complex to capture it and to this you must choose to generate a replacement between outrage with aerial ace in a rayquaza so that you get a weapon that flies and incidentally ensure that the rayquaza it possesses is more powerful and you can capture it while there is enough wind on the panorama in Pokemon Go.

To summarize things, if you really want to be the best as never before, you will definitely want to have a Rayquaza before it disappears again on September 2. If you are lucky, you might even have in your hands the bright version of the dragon, which will undoubtedly be a coveted Pokémon with a high commercial value in the foreseeable future.

Consequently you must fight to choose to have in your hands and be able to capture Rayquaza before they eliminate it and this will be soon remember that you only have until the second day of September, so walking so you can have with you the bright dragon that is really a powerful relic in Pokemon Go.

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