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Pokemon GO: How to Beat Registeel

2019-11-05 09:48:27

This time we come back with another Pokémon GO guide where we will teach you how to beat Registeel.

Who is Registeel in Pokémon GO?

This is one of the legendary pokemones that we find in the region of Hoenn, is actually a super legend that has a fighting power quite large, because it is 33516, and not content with it, has a huge amount of lethal counters, so the ideal here is that the number of coaches that must be about 6 to be able to catch him, because this has quite complex movements.

This Pokemon has loaded movements and is able to alternate them, because it is not always going to show us the same one, that is to say they are kept rotativos, counts in its credit with explosion of focus, cannon of flash, hyper beam, on the other hand also counts on the movement Focus blast, perhaps the most fearsome one, since it can cause too much damage to the majority of the pieces, also counts on steel attacks denominated Metal claw and rock smash, and as if this was little is nothing more and nothing less than brother of Regirock.

The weaknesses of this legendary Pokemon are combat, fire and earth movements, the ideal to face this enemy is with the sunny weather.

What are the chips needed to defeat Registel in Pokémon GO?

  • Ø Moltres: this is a Pokemon that is highly resistant to the attacks of Registeel, in addition it is a flying trigger that causes a lot of damage thanks to the movements it makes.

  • Ø Heatran: this is an excellent Pokemon, because as we are in a combat with sunny weather, the attacks it causes with fire and explosions cause damage, in addition to being an excellent resistant to steel.

  • Ø Charizard: this Pokemon has a certain resemblance to Moltres, only that it has a little less strength but causes practically the same damage.

  • Ø Spider Lamp: This Pokemon causes fire attacks, which causes a large amount of damage to the enemy, per second, and best of all is resistant to almost all movements of Registeel.

  • Ø Entei: this Pokemon makes fire turns, and overheats, it is a counterattack Pokemon, excellent in sunny weather.

The honorable mention Blaziken is usable in the defeat of this legendary Pokemon, because it has a combination of lethal attacks, and fire movements that can be very useful against our enemy.

Finally, it is expected that with this guide you will be able to defeat Registeel and continue in the goal to reach all the legendary pokemones in Pokémon GO.

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