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Outer Worlds: Where to find all The Science weapons

2019-10-25 15:19:04

The scientific weapons will be of the best companies with which you can count on Outer Worlds, so in this guide we will tell you how to get them all.

What are the Outer Worlds scientific weapons?

It is a series of incredibly powerful weapons that you can access, so great is their power, that getting them implies a forceful effort, so they will not be easy to get.

Luckily, we have already entered the search for scientific weapons and we have everything covered for you.

How to find the scientific weapons of Outer Worlds?

In total, there are five scientific weapons that we can find in Outer Worlds and we have everything you need to know about each one to be able to find them all.

How to find Shrink Ray in Outer Worlds?

This weapon is the easiest to find for the Vacuum Weapons mission, the Phineas lab is located, so head to this place from the navigation terminal of your ship ship. Upon arrival you will have to look for Phineas and right in front of him will be a table where the weapon is and above is the plane of it.

How to find the Prismatic Hammer in Outer Worlds?

This weapon has too much power, enough to kill a very powerful enemy with few hits. It is in the heartbreaker, but to get to this point you will have to complete a few tasks.

First you will have to go to the rest area that is on the left side after the security checkpoint and jump over the boxes against the wall to get to the vent. Go through the vent until you find the horde of enemies that you will have to overcome, you will find a door to the right of where you entered, go through it and look for the door that is near the workbench in that same room open it using the Hanger repair card Repair or hack it using the 60 Hack skill if you don't have it.

When you open you can find the Prismatic Hammer on a table.

How to find the Rearrange Jaw in Outer Worlds?

This weapon is also easy to get, it is in the mission "Scylla", in a green box in a cabin, just activate the mission and this will take you to the weapon directly.

How to find the Gloop Gun in Outer Worlds?

This weapon is in the UDL Laboratory in Monarch, however you will first have to go to the Duncan weapons store called SubLight Dry Goods and Sundry which is in Fallbrook, Monarch and purchase SubLight Datapad and the Damaged UDL Datapad. From this weapon it will be necessary to make these two purchases in order to get the last two scientific weapons of Outer Worlds.

After your purchase go to the UDL Laboratory in Monarch, kill the enemies that may appear and look for the weapon that is in a locked glass container. You can hack the lock if your hack ability is at level 100.

Otherwise you will have to go up the stairs and look for the key and also look for the weapons terminal key which are the following:

  • Protect the president.
  • Reprimand him relentlessly to defend the president's honor.
  • Arrest your spouse and admit your children in a reeducation program.

Although you can also hack the answers if your Hack ability is at 55 to get the weapon.

How to find the Mind Control Ray in Outer Worlds?

The Mind Control Ray is located in the elevator shaft in Cascadia.

The first thing you will have to do to get it is to take Vicar Max or Parvati so you don't have to return to the ship at the end.

Do you remember the SubLight Datapad and the Damaged UDL Datapad that you bought or should have bought before? Go to Groundbreaker and look for Lilya Hagen in the SubLight Salvage and Shipping store, go up the elevator take the map and talk to Lilya who will give you a mission.

Then you will have to go to Stellar Bay in Monarch where you will have to look for the dead man with the access code.

Then you will have to go to Fallbrook, Monarch and talk to Catherine Malin, she will tell you how to get to Cascadia, for this you will have to tell her that you are the solver of her SubLight problem and have Parvati or Vicar Max do the missions you can receive.

When hacking the door you will have access to this door and the elevator pit next to the exit, you will have to jump through the pit and then make some light platforms and be able to climb the stairs, when you jump you will see this last weapon.

 The Outer Worlds scientific weapons have an incredible level of power that will be useful to get rid of many tedious enemies, so it is worth getting them all and we hope our guide will help you to achieve it. Good luck!.

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