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Outer Worlds: How to collect gravesite fees

2019-10-25 15:06:15

collect gravesite fees is one of the most important tasks of Outer Worlds, so we prepare this guide covering everything you need to know.

What is the search for the collection of gravesite fees of Outer Worlds?

The task is part of the "Small Grave Matter" mission series where you will have to charge the fees of each person's grave in the search for A Small Grave Matter. You will receive this task from Silas, a dirty man standing near a bridge that goes to Edgewater. You will have to talk to him to give you the option of accepting this search to charge fees.

How to charge the tomb fees in Outer Worlds.

The first on the list is Phyllis Grange.

Phyllis is in the salt canning factory in Edgewater, be sure to turn on the lights to make it easier to find and interact with it when you see it.

The second is Conrad Sadik.

So you will have to go to your barbershop located in Edgewater to find it. When you find him you will have to interact with him and go to the back of the barbershop and examine the paper in the image below, after examining him return to Conrad and talk to him again to tell you how he is going to pay for his grave.

The third is Martin Abernathy.

Who is also in Edgewater, you can find it at home. Martin will give you a separate mission that you don't have to do for this mission, so you can leave it for later. He will ask you to look for medicine in the community center.

Finally there is Ludwig Miller.

Ludwin is near the airstrip just outside Edgewater on Terra 2, talks to him about the grave. Ludwin will give you some missions that you can also leave for later.

After making the collections, return with Silas to give you your reward.

 The search to collect the rates of the tomb at Outer Worlds is not complicated, so there should be no problem here, we hope you can complete it quickly so that you enjoy the reward that Silas will have for you.

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