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Ankle boots also have their place in Minecraft Dungeons, we are going to discover How to trade with friends

This is a game in which it is not only about building and creating, here other interesting activities arise that allow us to enjoy it even when we are diving in not very dangerous places such as dungeons, but specifically that is about getting environments where It is possible to learn to develop ourselves, therefore knowing how to trade with friends can be an excellent option to carry out and here we will explain how to achieve it.

How to trade with friends on Minecraft Dungeons?

Before dedicating ourselves to explain about merchant, it is vital to be clear that it is not possible to leave our loot in the dungeons for other players, because it would be necessary to get rid of other items because our inventory is quite limited, but in any case it is possible to get us So certain specific items cannot be shared.

Is it possible to trade weapons and armor at Minecraft Dungeons?

The answer is no, these articles are individual and are not shared or traded with anyone, in this sense the developers of the game have decided to opt for loot not to be shared and that as they fall, each one is used exactly by the player without causing fights for it, because normally the weapons can be obtained by eliminating an enemy and this means that no friend can see it and vice versa.
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    Emerald Gems in Minecraft Dungeons

    These are nothing more than the currency used in the dungeons but it has some implication, because if someone has obtained some gems they are obliged to notify what makes knowing how to trade with friends realizes here in a way, these gems usually fall When we manage to eliminate our enemies, and we usually get them individually, their use is stipulated for the purchase of items containing NPCs.

    Consumables in Minecraft Dungeons.

    Knowing how to trade with friends is an interesting task that we can get and the consumables are specific items very different from the armor because they do not fall individually, because you just have to make a choice about which friend will have the item, you only need to coordinate , only that there is a peculiarity and that is that if these items are in the chests the picture looks somewhat different.

    Now that you know How to trade with friends is a time to go out and fight against the bosses and enemies that Minecraft Dungeons has.

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