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MediEvil: How to Beat Scarecrow Fields

2019-10-24 10:43:40

The game MediEvil is very similar to the original, if you have doubts about how to beat the scarecrow fields, in this guide we will tell you what to do.

As we told you MediEvil remains faithful to its original version of PS 1, although the images have been redesigned the way to play it is the same, this indicates that difficult levels remain the same, this time we will tell you how to beat the scarecrow fields.

What are scarecrow fields in MediEvil?

We just want you to survive until you finish the level of MediEvil, in many of its levels it is essential that you stay in constant movements, the time for you to stop exploring each site is restricted so you have to be traveling from one side to the other if You want to survive in the game.

This happens precisely thanks to the scarecrow's enemies that become almost invincible enemies, they will chase you until they corner you and they will do so much damage to eliminate you, so you have very little time to explore the scarecrows, for this reason you have to know how beat the scarecrow fields.

How to beat the scarecrow fields in MediEvil?

The first thing to keep in mind is to know how to use the loading attack that you undoubtedly had to have unlocked once you leave the cemetery, so that you can do this attack you just have to press the R1 key and move quickly, you have to do it very often in the scarecrows so you can get rid of them in MediEvil.

Continue the road until you get a car that blocks the road, then go to the right side if luck accompanies you at that time a warning will appear, this you have to kick with Triangle, then a turn to your right, then you must fight against the machine Imp, it is the opportune moment so that you prepare your hammer if you own it, if also a stick cannot serve you.

How to attack the scarecrows in MediEvil?

The best way to beat the scarecrow fields is by going under their legs, once you do it you have to use your hammer to give it the best blow, you must hit it right next to its legs to hurt it, you will have to repeat these steps as many times as necessary until your sword is exposed so that you hit the Imp inside, then you must switch to your throwing knife or crossbow and eliminate once and for all the Imp inside.

You have to continue to another area of ​​MediEvil, closed there you can get to another Imp machine, you must be very attentive since this machine its function is to shoot projectiles directly where you are, you just have to use the same strategy that we told you before, try To protect yourself as much as you can so that you don't get much damage, follow the same attack pattern now that you know how to beat the scarecrow fields.

We hope that with our guide you have been able to clarify all your doubts about how to beat the scarecrow fields in the game MediEvil, do not forget to use a pattern correctly when you face them.

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