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GTA Online: How to play Freemode Challenges

2020-06-01 10:47:57

Today we made a GTA Online guide whose purpose is to explain how to play the challenges in free mode

What do the freemode challenges involve in GTA Online?


 This game brings some interesting new features that we simply cannot pass up, because it is important to talk about the free-form challenges that are simply easy to perform and are not too time consuming, perhaps this is one of the reasons why GTA Online has managed to achieve An excellent boom and it has been possible to sell considerably, since thousands of players have already downloaded the game, so it is vital to know how to play the challenges in a free way.

How to play free mode challenges in GTA Online?


 It is necessary to consider certain fundamental aspects:

  •  Requires a session of at least 5 players.
  • There is the possibility of missing a challenge without it being more relevant thanks to the fact that there are several.
  • The challenges are incorporated every 12 minutes or every 6 hours.
  • There is the possibility of competing with our friends.

How to start the free mode challenges in GTA Online?


 The first thing we will take into account is to be in a session where there are 5 players and be careful to view the screen at the bottom to observe the challenges to proceed and choose the reward that can consist of RP or simply money, because knowing how to play the free mode challenges has no major drawback and the important thing is that they are really easy and are incorporated regularly


 How many and what are the freemode challenges present in GTA Online?

 It is necessary to know how to play the challenges in free mode and this implies that there is a number of 19 that we can execute in a simple and fast enough way, next we leave the list of the challenges.


 Challenge description.


  •  Head Kills: This challenge allows us to achieve a certain number of deaths through direct shots to the heads of the players.
  • High speed: It is necessary to achieve a high speed through a land vehicle.
  • Challenge, most bridges, low flight: Limited time is required to fly under most bridges.
  • Longer security deposit: it is necessary to travel a sufficiently remote distance and jump from a land vehicle.
  • Drive by Challenge: This activity consists of getting the highest number of deaths along the way of the players.
  • Inverted Longest Flight: You need to fly upside down and extremely close to the ground for a fairly long distance.
  • Longest jump: A long jump is required in a land vehicle.
  • Sniper kills: The objective of this challenge is to get the highest number of deaths using a sniper rifle.
  • Longer wheelie: For this activity it is necessary to do a long wheelie with a motorcycle.
  • Longer free fall challenge: To perform it you need to fall from a long distance with a parachute before it can be opened.
  • Melee combat: Consists of achieving the highest number of deaths by executing melee combat.
  • Low flight: Low flight is required for an amount of time.
  • Lower parachute: The parachute needs to be opened close to the ground while we fall in free fall.
  • Longest Fall Survived: Requires falling a long distance without dying.
  • No crashes: Drive a certain distance away without having to crash using a land vehicle.
  • Reverse driving: You need to reverse the longest distance and drive in reverse without colliding.
  • Stolen Vehicles: To complete it you need to steal as many vehicles as possible.
  • Stoopie: A long stoopie is required on a motorcycle.
  • Near Crashes: Making a number of near crashes with other vehicles using a land vehicle but avoiding colliding.

 This is all we can say about how to play free mode challenges while immersed in the world of motors in GTA Online.

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