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Fortnite Inferno Skin Pack: How to unlock Inferno skin

2019-04-11 11:01:26

The 8.30 update of the Battle Royale Fortnite, is already being implemented in all systems.

Accompanied by this new update of Fortnite, comes the "Fortnite Inferno Pack", which includes items that in addition to setting fire, envelop your character in a SKIN DATA RED SUIT.

Surely the new fortnite inferno skin Pack will become the success of the new Fortnite update, and here we tell you all, including how to get unlock fortnite inferno skin.

HOW TO GET *NEW* INFERNO SKIN PACK in Fortnite Battle Royale

Fortnite 8.30 Update Skin Leaks: Inferno Bundle, Ruin and Founder's Pack

The fortnite inferno skin were announced on the Twitter account @FortniteBR, in addition to giving information of the Inferno Pack of the update 8.30.

It is not yet clear how rare the skin of Fortnite Inferno is, and clearly as it is rarer, it will be more difficult to unlock, just as rarer items will be much more expensive to unlock.

It is expected that the package is also composed of a set of challenges associated with these items, to potentially unlock more cosmetic items or additional V-Bucks.

Most important of all, how to unlock the Fortnite Inferno Pack?

Save enough V-Bucks to buy items in the store, but it seems that you can access related articles by completing the associated challenges.

The 8.30 update will also bring Buccaneer's Bounty event for a limited time, new treasures, a new Fortnite reappearance system similar to Apex Legends with which you can relive fallen teammates and more.