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Lidia Rozo
2019-08-10 01:21:38

We are ready to tell you all about Poke Jobs in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Although its premiere is still far away, we still have exclusive information for you. Recently a trailer of the long-awaited game was released, one of the features that most caught the attention of the eager fans have been the Poke Jobs and we have prepared a guide so you can understand well what this is about.

What are Pokemon Jobs of Pokemon Sword and Shield.

They turn out to be listed tasks available to coaches, which you can find in a job board, at the Rotomi Centers in Pokemon, when you approach any of these boards you can see the selection of tasks from which to choose.

Its function will be to make coaches waste less time and instead fight more among themselves, resulting in an excellent way to provide the region.

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After all, battles are a very important part, not to mention the most important in Pokemon games.

What pokemon to choose for homework?

Every time you decide to perform any of these tasks, you will have to choose which Pokemon you want to complete and this will immediately work to complete it. When making your selection you should keep in mind that not all Pokemon will do the task with the same efficiency as another specific one, so you will have to select the best one so that you can take care of all the tasks that are available in the board.

Once the task is completed, the coach is rewarded with money while the Pokemon receives experience points. This is doubly beneficial in making your Pokemon progress with the experience received and that you also get extra money for your work.

We hope that our guide of Poke Jobs has been useful to you and you know how to make the most of it, remember that the official premiere of Pokemon Sword and Shield is scheduled to take place this November 15, 2019, so we will have to wait to see this and all the features of the game. However, we will keep you informed of any developments, so try to be aware of our content.

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