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Far Cry New Dawn Superbloom Edition by Ubisoft will be exclusive to GAME

2018-12-14 16:12:34

Only GAME will have the Far Cry New Dawn Superbloom Edition, the new spin-off of the successful Ubisoft saga. Far Cry New Dawn, is the new installment of the saga that is accompanied by a first trailer. It is a complete delivery of Far Cry for Xbox One, PS4 and PCwith the gameplay so typical of the saga, but with an interesting twist.

The game will take us back to New Hope County, where Far Cry 5
develops. Set 17 years later, where the world has completely changed
without a doubt due to a large-scale nuclear catastrophe. After the
chaos, the survivors began to live in peace until the arrival of the
twins Mickey and Lou, and their group of  Los Salteadores.

The chain of stores GAME will have an exclusive cover of the game and
the Pack "The Legacy of Hurk", which include the following content:

Exclusive appearance of machine gun: M249 "Hurk".

Exclusive vehicle appearance: Off-road vehicle "Legacy of Hurk".

Exclusive costume for your character: "Hulk outfit", but this is not
the only novelty, because for your reservation in the GAME stores you
can receive as a gift the DLC "Unicorn Strike" with an exclusive

The reservation of the SUPERBLOOM EDITION Exclusive GAME is now available. And Far Cry New Dawn will be available on February 15 on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Ubisoft presented us an incredible Far Cry: New Dawn gameplay

The Title is not a completely new delivery, but is a spin-off based on the engine and technology used by Far Cry 5, which radically changes the tone of the work by moving the action to a world devastated by energy atomic.

After 17 years of the events of  Far Cry 5, in a period defined as "super blooming" that follows the rain that occurred at the end of the nuclear winter, where the player is a new character that comes to Hope County for the first time , we will continue to see the same characters from previous games, we will know who survived and the changes they have had after 17 years.

Ubisoft in this video game there are two new weapons and will continue the function of renting others, as a novelty we tell you that the game has a dog, called Timer that can jump vehicles, because in the game Boomer is already dead, we will find Horacio ( a giant Jabali). The player will be able to rebuild a home base called Prosperity. We will have to defend it against the "men on the road" who come from the east. We also see more and locations as a theme park and more. We remind you that the title will be available on PS4, Xbox One and PC from next February 15, 2019.

Arsenal And Tools

Since the nuclear apocalypse, the survivors have had to build shelters, tools and weapons using the vestiges of the old world. The result is not very encouraging, but it will help you survive. Your base will allow you to build powerful weapons and vehicles.

Who are The Twins?

The twins are a threat to the survivors of Hope County, who feel at home in this new world, having grown up in the harsh conditions created by the cataclysmic event and have learned to survive at any price. They are in charge of a band of scavengers, the Sailors, who are dedicated to looting all over the country for their own benefit and enjoyment.

The Twins make up a lethal duo thanks to Mickey's mind and Lou's impulsive nature. And after having done the unspeakable to lead the Sailors, they have shown that they are willing to get where they need to stay at the top of the food chain.