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GTA 5 Gameplay : Cheats codes on PS4, PS3, PC and Xbox, Mods

2019-01-22 22:50:09

Grand Theft Auto V or as best known by its fans GTA 5 or GTA V, is one of the most successful games of the last time, this open-world action-adventure video game was developed by Rockstar North and distributed by Rockstar Games, This game has even today is valid despite being released in September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 and on November 18, 2014 for the new generation PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles with better graphics, in this new version included the first person view, the version for PC Microsoft Windows on April 14, 2015.

All this game that is set in a fictional city called Los Santos the location in the fictional state of San Andreas, a city that is very similar to Los Angeles and Southern California. Unlike its previous versions that the protagonist was a single person Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5 or GTA V) has three criminals and their efforts to commit robberies while they are under the pressure of a government agency. as protagonists of the story Michael, Trevor and Franklin. In the version of gta 5 online you can use other characters.

The game is played from a third person or first person perspective and your world is navigated on foot or by vehicle in all the game locations. The novelty of this video game is that of being able to play with only one player and they change between them during and out of the missions, where the theft sequences are impodran, and many missions involve shooting and driving the game. Under online gta 5 mode, you can play multiplayer online game mode, with up to 30 players participating in a variety of different cooperative and competitive modes.

Grand Theft Auto V (GTA5 or GTA V) is one of the most expensive games in history, the production cost of this game was 265 million dollars, its production costs are only surpassed by Destiny. The amount of fans of the game made its launch one of the most anticipated, and raised 800 million dollars in just 24 hours of its release. All a record of reacaudacion and in 3 days already had raised a record amount of 1000 million dollars in sales. The development was inspired by many of his previous projects, such as Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3. In order to make the world as open as possible, several team members conducted field research in California to capture images for the design team. Another feature that had the development of this game was the soundtrack that presents an original score composed of a team of producers that remained in composition for several years.

The launch of GTA 5 was very well received by the criticism in general, especially for its innovation in the way of taking the story divided into 3 different characters in the game, its open world is a total madness that today is the most spectacular game as well as the presentation and GTA 5 gameplay. However, not everything was flowers for the game as it was also peppered with controversy for the sexist way women were treated and torture in one of the missions during interrogation. GTA 5 is considered one of the titles that represents the seventh generation of console games and undoubtedly one if not the best game ever made. gta v5 is the third best selling videogame of all time reaching record figures of more than 100 million copies sold in its different modalities and its collection exceeds the fabulous figure of $ 6 billion in worldwide revenue.

GTA 5 Gameplay: Official - for PS4, PS3, Xbox One, 360 and pc

GTA5 History or plot

The history of Grand theft auto v begins with Michael Townley, Trevor Philips and Brad Snider participate in a failed robbery in Ludendorff a GTA 4's location, have spent new years in North Yankton, this robbery was not successful, all his companions were arrested and one of them was killed, Michael Townley former bank robber escaping from the scene he went into hiding given for dead in North Yankton and has been placed under witness protection by the corrupt IBF agent Dave Norton Michael's personal friend Michael Townley and his family was moved to The Saints in San Andreas with a new name "Michael De Santa".

There he meets a gang member Franklin Clinton working for a corrupt Armenian car salesman, Franklin and Lamar Davis are asked to recover a vehicle belonging to Michael's son, Jimmy late in paying his acquisition about to become a victim of A credit fraud, Michael hides in the vehicle and confronts Franklin. On the way to the dealer Michael who was hiding in the car forces Franklin to crash the car against the shop window, this clash causes Franklin Clinton to be fired, but leaves a friendship between Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton.

After this incident Michael De Santa discovers his wife Amanda in bed with his tennis coach Kyle Chavis, so Michael decides to take revenge Kyle Chavis, and Franklin Clinton and Michael De Santa chase Kyle Chavis the tennis coach, presecucion They take it to a mansion, Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) assumes that this mansion belongs to Kyle and destroys it with fury, but to his bad luck, the property belongs to Natalia Zverovna, the mistress of Mexican drug trafficker Martin Madrazo, Natalia Zverovna is student of de Kyle. Martín Madrazo upon learning of the incident locates Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) and demands compensation.

To save his life Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton agree to pay off their debt through money obtained from a robbery to a branch of the Vangelico jewelry chain. At this moment the third character in this story appears Trevor Philips the other survivor of the robbery in Ludendorff who now lives in a trailer park on the outskirts of Los Santos and believes that Michael was killed in his botched robbery, that one day watching TV sees the news of the robbery of the Vangelico jewelry store, and after his deductions assumes that the author of such theft can not be other than his old partner Michael Townley, so he decides to go find his former colleague breaking into the life of Michael following him to the Saints.

Trevor Philips turns the lives of Michael and Franklin into chaos due to his reckless and erratic behavior, causing Michael's family to leave him. Michael wants to do something important with his life so he knows Devin Weston, Michael comes into conflict with Devin Weston, a multi-millionaire venture capitalist and a corporate raider who swears on his own after his attempts to close the studio are frustrated for him. who develops a resentment against him. On the other hand Franklin is disturbed by the way Lamar is influenced by Harold "Stretch" Joseph.

Harold "Stretch" Joseph is a gangster who defected to the band of Families during his stay in prison that changed sides to betray his former band by his enemies the Ballas, this causes them to constantly try to kill Lamar. While Trevor Philips makes its efforts to consolidate its power and control over the market of methamphetamine in Blaine County, which in turn before its intespestuous temperament decides to reveal itself against the band of motorcyclists The Lost, the Mexican Varrios Los Aztecas, the Salvadorans The Marabunta Grande, local methamphetamine traffickers, mercenaries hired by the government and against a triad led by Wei Cheng.

 Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) is forced by the corrupt agents of the FIB, Dave Norton and his partner Steve Haines, to carry out a series of operations with Clinton and Philips in order to undermine a rival agency, the IAA. Michael, Franklin and Trevor attack the IAA building, stealing an armored truck with IAA funds and assaulting a bank that contains the payroll of all corrupt police officers and public officials of Los Santos. After this mission Michael and Trevor hide in Blaine County, because Philips kidnapped Madrazo's wife after not receiving compensation for doing a job. Steve Haines is being investigated for his methods in the FBI. As the agent directs an assault on the headquarters of the FBI and delete all evidence of servers that could use against the corrupt agent. Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) before this opportunity takes the opportunity to erase all the data of his criminal activities, destroying the chanta

Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) is forced by the corrupt agents of the FIB, Dave Norton and his partner Steve Haines, to carry out a series of operations with Clinton and Philips in order to undermine a rival agency, the IAA. Michael, Franklin and Trevor attack the IAA building, stealing an armored truck with IAA funds and assaulting a bank that contains the payroll of all corrupt police officers and public officials of Los Santos. After this mission Michael and Trevor hide in Blaine County, because Philips kidnapped Madrazo's wife after not receiving compensation for doing a job. Steve Haines is being investigated for his methods in the FBI. As the agent directs an assault on the headquarters of the FBI and delete all evidence of servers that could use against the corrupt agent. Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) before this opportunity takes the opportunity to erase all data of their criminal activities, destroying the blackmail of Steve Haines had on him and forced him to execute the assaults. After convincing Trevor to return Madrazo's wife, Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) begins to make plans for the biggest coup in history: to assault the Union Depository gold bullion reserve.

Michael returns to the Saints again and reconciles with his family and they live together again. But in a new twist of the game, storms return in the life of Michael De Santa (Michael Townley). Trevor Philips discovers that Brad, the other accomplice of the robbery of North Yankton, was murdered and is not in prison as Michael made him believe and was buried in the tomb destined for Michael. Trevor Philips feels betrayed and deceived by what threatens to destroy the plans for the theft to the Union Depository.

Then De Santa and Norton are in a confrontation with the FBI, the IAA and a private security company Merryweather, but Trevor Philips faithful to his friendship comes to his aid saying that only he has the right to kill De Santa. This does not mean that Philips has forgiven him, Trevor tells him to be separated from the group after the robbery to the Union Depository.

The assault on the Union Depository is successful, but Franklin Clinton is blackmailed by Steve Haine and Weston (FBI) to murder Trevor and Michael. Before this blackmail is divided between what to do if kill Trevor, Michael or allow them to live but risk their lives and face their enemies.
1-In the event that Franklin murders either of them, he returns to his former life and ceases contact with the survivor.
2- If he does not kill any, the trio joins forces to resist an attack by the IBF and Merryweather and then kill Stretch, Wei Cheng, Steve Haines and Devin Weston. With all their enemies eliminated, the three agree to stop working together.

GTA 5 Gameplay - How to play

Grand Theft Auto V is an action and adventure game in third person or first if you prefer, to be able to advance in the game story you must complete the missions, however Outside the missions, players can roam freely in the open world . The progress of the story unlocks more game content, the location for tis games is Los Santos.

Characters can run, jump, swim or use vehicles to navigate the world, in addition to melee attacks, firearms and explosives to fight enemies in GTA 5 gameplay.

The game evolved and of course incorporates new vehicles that did not exist Grand Theft Auto IV, as fixed-wing aircraft, another feature that you will find in GTA 5 gameplay is that in combat, the auto-target and a cover system can be used to help against enemies. When the characters are injured, your health meter will gradually regenerate to its midpoint. As in previous versions when the character is dead appear in hospitals.

Something that is repeated is the search meter by the police, the police agencies can respond as indicated by a "wanted" meter on the display screen (HUD). The stars that are displayed on the meter indicate the level of police search to find you, with the 5 stars being the maximum level of search, joining the search police helicopters and SWAT teams swarm to dispatch lethally to the players. The meter enters a cooling mode and, finally, backs up when the players are hidden from the line of sight of the officers shown on the mini map.

The peromite story mode allows players to control three characters: Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton, criminals whose stories are interconnected as they complete missions. The user will be playing with each of them depending on the moment of the story, the missions are determined for each character of Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips and Franklin Clinton, no obstate, in some missions are completed with a single character and other They have two or three. When you are not on any mission, users can choose between 3 characters at will through a directional compass on the HUD.

The GTA 5 gameplay  can change character automatically during missions to complete certain objectives. When a character is in danger and needs help from his teammates, the player's avatar will flash red and flash white if he has a strategic advantage. Although players complete missions like any of the three protagonists, the most difficult robbery missions require the help of AI-controlled accomplices with unique abilities such as hacking and driving. After each successful robbery the surviving accomplices receive a cash reward and remain available for later missions with improvements in their abilities. Depending on the assault you have to plan multiple strategies, players can act stealthily to subdue agents or civilians.

Each character has eight abilities that represent his ability in certain areas such as shooting and driving. These skills improve individually after each successful mission. However each character has particular abilities such as Trevor who can fly. The eighth ability determines the effectiveness. Michael enters the bullet in combat, Franklin reduces time while driving, and Trevor deals twice as much damage to enemies as he takes half in combat. Each character has a meter in the HUD of each character is exhausted when a skill is used and regenerate when the player makes one action.

GTA 5 gameplay is an open world so that the characters can move freely through the game world, each character can do extra activities such as diving or the BASE jump. It is also equipped with a smart phone so you can communicate with your friends, start activities and access the Internet, in the case of internet you can trade with stocks through the stock market. They can buy properties like garages and businesses, update weapons and vehicles in each character's arsenal, and change their appearance by buying suits, haircuts and tattoos.

GTA 5: Gameplay Single Player

From the well-known series of videogames Grand Theft Auto, which saw the birth of its first video game in 1997, until its last and most successful launch GTA 5, which adds from the most characteristic GTA we already know, to the newest things.

 GTA 5 GamePlay The 3 protagonists.

For the first time in the history of Grand Theft Auto, the game does not have a single protagonist, but with 3, which you can choose at any time,

The selection is made manually with the "down" button. The right analog stick is used to move from the wheel with Michael on the left, Franklin on top and Trevor on the right, the bottom slot is for your multiplayer avatar. The transition time from one character to another will depend on how far away the character selected from the character you were using is. This transition is done in such a fun and charming way that it takes you over the city in the form of Google Earth before returning you to the person of your choice. The city is gigantic and is a satirical version of Southern California.

As the game develops, you can tell which character to play with, when you want you can change from one to another and you might even be surprised what they are doing when you make the change, telling you that while you are with a character, the others two take your life in a "normal" way, there will be times when in some missions the game will force you to change from one character to another to continue.

GTA V Gameplay: Theft of vehicles.

A feature that we know since the beginning of the Grand Theft Auto saga, can no longer be absent in any version of GTA. And GTA 5 by its position does not make exception.

But you must bear in mind that not all citizens of the gigantic world of the game will allow you to steal your vehicle like that and nothing else, many will resist or may even have a more hostile behavior.

The police can also notice when you are trying to violently break into a vehicle to steal it, the sound of the alarms can also alert any policeman who is nearby. We recommend that when you want to steal a vehicle, first take a look around you to avoid having to read "wasted".

GTA 5 Gameplay:  The missions

Another characteristic and iconic element of Rockstar is the missions, and as is customary, developers love to use them to create a story, and to progress in history, it is imperative and necessary to advance in missions.

These missions can range from, driving vehicles, shootings, robberies (of which we are going to talk), in short, a variety of missions and scenarios in GTA 5 have greatly reinvented the open world game.

GTA 5 Gameplay: The robberies

Thefts will be a very important piece in GTA 5.

Keep in mind that they can vary, between small and rapid thefts, and others that really require deep planning, with corkboard, choosing the right weapons, vehicles and even the right places to get rid of the tests and avoid problems with the law.

The money you have can be better teammates to perform your shots and thus complement the team, if you are a good shooter, you can find a good driver or vice versa.

 External experience can provide skills to help disarm or avoid security systems and other obstacles.

Keep in mind that when a teammate dies, he simply dies forever, so we recommend taking care of the best so as not to lose key chips and get a good gear when making a robbery.

Proper planning is very important, if you need an escape vehicle in a certain place, you must put it there, masks or some other tool, you must buy them.

Repetition of missions

In GTA 5 gameplay it will be possible to perform the repetition of those missions in which we have enjoyed or that we simply want to repeat the number of times we want, the function is in the phone menu. The score of its completion is represented by medals like Red Dead Redemption where we can repeat them to get the 100 score of each one.

The strangers in your environment.

In GTA 5 Gameplay there will be occasional encounters with strangers that will give you simple additional missions to complete, such encounters can occur on highways, police chases, robberies at ATMs, etc.

A variant includes Securicars that can be stolen after leaving a client. You will receive a good amount of cash, but it will also attract a lot of attention.

GTA 5 Gameplay: The combat and the action.

GTA 5 has the excellent combat features of Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3, plus some other features.

The crosshairs crook means you are targeting an enemy and an X means you killed them. The enemy's health circle while aiming towards him is gone.

Besides, now you can run with big weapons except when you aim.

Movements inside and outside the deck have been improved and you can even make a "combat roll" with the push of a button.

Now you can also recover up to 50% of your health if you put yourself in shelter.

GTA 5 Gameplay: Stealth.

One of the most useful skills to keep in mind before starting a fight and not alerting many people is stealth, you can check your noise level in a circle that will appear on the radar.

If you have to shoot use muffler to not alert anyone, use Chop as a distraction or take out bulbs to hide bodies and not alert anyone until necessary.

Take advantage of the elements of your environment.

Shooting lights to generate darkness, shoot the propane tanks and traces of gasoline from the wrecked cars to generate an explosion, can work like a bomb if there are enemies nearby to blow them along with the explosion.

GTA 5 Gameplay: Escape, run and jump.

Rockstar has improved our ability to climb fences, cross overhangs and reach where the roads can not take us.

GTA 5 Gameplay: Underwater.

Swim and dive has never been so exciting in a video game, you can swim, use the scuba to submerge under the sea, or even use submarines to get even further underwater.

The character customization phone.

In GTA 5 the multiplayer menu and other menus have been eliminated, instead we have something much more practical that we could also see in GTA 4. The mobile phone, in it you can receive missions, contact friends, the multiplayer menu, takes and publish photos on the Social Club website, and probably in any other place where you want to show your virtual photo.


Share the joys of entertainment with your character in Grand Theft Auto V.

GTA 5 Gameplay: Radio

Another classic of Grand Theft Auto is the radio stations, we recommend listening to them to know which one is your favorite.

 The Internet is also in GTA 5

You can access the Internet using the GTA 5 mobile phone and its various web pages, you can also use the email of Grand Theft Auto 5 to access additional functions and more missions.

GTA 5 Gameplay: TV

The television of GTA 5 comes much more potentiated, after that in GTA 4 it did not have much success. Now it comes with Weasel News and Republican Space Rangers, as well as other favorites that return with new episodes.

Movies and shows

In the theater of the city you can enjoy different shows and live one or another interesting moment also in and around.

Public transport is a venture.

Travel by taxi, travel using light trains can be used to cross parts of the urban area, you can even become a "bum" and jump to the freight trains that run around the satirical map.

The only ones you can not use are buses, which, despite appearing at stops, do not follow a route.

How Custom cars in GTA 5

Another iconic feature that can never die is to be able to customize your cars (which by the way there are lots of models).

Friends and relationships

The system of friends we saw in GTA IV will return, but this time to GTA V. The dating system if it was written off.

Invest for the future.

If you have enough pasta you can invest your money in a variety of purposes. The stock market, business, customize and buy cars, buy clothes, airplanes, motorcycles, tattoos, properties in the saints and countless things, in short, you decide on what to spend the money.

GTA 5 Gameplay Challenges.

True challenges like "Under the bridge" and "Flying with a knife" will test your flying skills as you squeeze bridges or fly between obstacles.

GTA 5 Gameplay Minigames.

Variety of challenges are in GTA 5 after all the above is already monotonous, here the adventure does not end.

The Parachutes

Grand Theft Auto 5 brings you back the possibility of jumping from airplanes or tall structures and shouting "Weeeeeeeeee!", With the use of parachutes, in addition also special locations to jump and climb in the classification tables of the Social Club of Rockstar Games.


A classic of all life, that in GTA 5 looks great are the races, always open someone who will challenge you telling you that your car is not faster than yours and obviously could not altar.

They can be part of the history missions and they are also secondary missions. The races do not have to be just for cars. Land bicycles, bicycles and off-road vehicles, jet skis, planes and more options to define who is the fastest.

GTA 5 Gameplay sports is quite an adventure.

Sports are also part of the minigames such as golf and tennis, hunting, swimming and more.

GTA V  Additional features.

Of course the collectibles, tricks jumps and Rampages could not stop being part of the series, and in Grand Theft Auto 5 we will also have them.

Content of PS4, PS3, Xbox One and PC.

Players who return to the next-generation version of GTA V on the PS3 or Xbox 360 will have access to additional objectives that unlock special vehicles and other rewards.

GTA 5 Duke O'Death

Learn to tame this beast and it will be all yours.


It can take a bit of firepower to get this classic, highly versatile GTA.

GTA 5 Mystery of murder.

Michael will have the mission to investigate a crime, get the necessary clues and unlock two Noir Style Filters, which will give his game mode Story Mode and Snapmatic photos.

GTA 5 Gameplay Wildlife photography challenge.

Complete the wild photography challenges with Franklin and unlock the special Kraken Sub.

Stock Car Racing.

If you win Stock Car races you can win exclusive custom Muscle Cars adorned with logos from some of the companies.

 Mosaics of the monkey.

Find the street artists that paint the city with monkey figures to win new monkey costumes and a special Go Go Monkey Blues.

Development and curiosities of GTA 5

The details of the development were provided by Grand Theft Auto producer Dan Houser, in an interview for the UK newspaper The Times, in November 2009, in this interview Dan Houser confirmed for the first time that Rockstar was already working on GTA V, the script for the new game already had more than a thousand pages. Houser explained the volume of basic work of the company when creating new games of the series, Rockstar was working on all the fringes available as creators, programmers and character animators. All the team that was contracted at the time did not know the name of the project so they would work, that is, they did not know if they worked for GTA V or if it was another game. by the end of 2010 Strauss Zelnick said that Rockstar was not going to make improvements to Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption assuming that it would endanger its quality and it would be heavy for the users.
Rockstar North began the development of Grand Theft Auto V - Gta 5 - in 2008, a little after the launch of Grand Theft Auto IV - Gta 4 - to develop this game Rockstar North contract to a team of more than 1000 people. The game is supported by the advanced game engine of Rockstar (RAGE) that was revised for GTA 5 to improve its capacity of representation in the distance. In addition to this engine Grand Theft Auto V uses the software Euphoria and Bullet to handle the tasks of animation and rendering. For Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar became familiar with the development kit of PlayStation 3 - PS3 - and Xbox 360, managing to improve like any other video game the graphic capabilities of the consoles of Sony and Microsoft, as we had already mentioned GTA 5 is one of the most expensive games in history it is estimated that its development had a budget that exceeded $ 265 million.

The open-world action-adventure video game was inspired by Southern California and Los Angeles, and the adaptation of the city to the game took up most of the game's work. Key members of the Game World production team conducted field research trips throughout the region and documented their research with photos and videos. Also the Rockstar team based on the impressions captured by Google Maps of Los Angeles, to make the road networks that appear in the game, Rockstar study the census data and watched documentaries about the city. The idea was to capture an impressively trustworthy open world never created

Rockstar had as always as north to create an even more innovative game to the previous versions and it was considered from the beginning of the project to base its history to grant the players the control of three main protagonists instead of one. This idea was not new since they had planned to do it for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas GTA 4, but they were simply too far ahead of their time, the hardware of the time made it impossible for them to consider such a development. Having developed two Grand Theft Auto IV episode expansion packages with new protagonists in 2009, once they could count on more powerful consoles, they got to work on Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5) around three controlled protagonists. simultaneously. GTA 5 conjugated all the previous Rockstar games such as Grand Theft Auto IV, Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3 and designed it to improve its game mechanics. They improved the action by refining the shooting mechanics and the coverage system and modified the driving mechanics to correct the difficult controls of the Grand Theft Auto IV GTA 4 vehicle.

The three protagonists of the game Michael, Franklin and Trevor were based on the appearance of Ned Luke, Shawn Fonteno and Steven Ogg respectively. The actors were recorded to capture their movements with the most advanced technology of the moment. Even the dialogue for the driving scenes was recorded in studios for a better fidelity of the sound. The game is the first of its series to present an original score, composed of a team of producers who collaborate with each other for several years. One of the features that has always accompanied and characterized the Grand Theft Auto series or as best known by its acronym GTA, has been the radio in the cars that each character uses all the music has a license. The team authorized more than 241 tracks shared between fifteen radio stations, with two additional stations that provide conversation radio. There are also original tracks in the game such as the original work of rapper and producer Flying Lotus composed by FlyLo FM radio station.
rockstar north gta5

Before GTA 5 was officially announced, there were several leaks including website registrations, previous dubbing castings and an IGN website editor who indicated that the title would be available for sale in 2012. The first information referring to the game was made public on the Internet in February 2011, then, numerous calls to casting were leaked by Rockstar to dub the video game, in a project known as Rush's codename. Sources supposedly close to the developer, announced that the title was underway and quite advanced, is the largest, they said, implying that the magnitude of GTA V would be eminently broad.

Grand Theft Auto V - Gta 5 - saw light for the first time on July 9, 2013, Rockstar released its recording where you could see for the first time its graphic level and its playability among its three main characters: Michael, Trevor and Franklin. On August 15, a trailer showing Grand Theft Auto Online's Grand Theft Auto Online in multiplayer mode in an open world was released, sharing the stage with 16 other players who can buy properties and vehicles in Los Santos, create gangs or compete in traditional game modes. On August 29, 2013 the official trailer was unveiled, in which Michael recounted why he went back to the business of stealing banks and committing robberies.

List of Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5 characters

GTA 5 overcomes the mechanics of GTA 4 San Andreas with 3 protagonists as central characters where the player can exchange between them to freedom. The idea of ​​Rockstar was to create a different and innovative narrative and avoiding that the series was different to the previous deliveries and it would not become obsolete in the time Dan Houser, said: "We did not want to do the same again". The concept of having three interconnected protagonists was conceived during the development of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004), Aaron Garbut, said: "It did not work from a technical point of view because the three characters need three times more memory, three types of animation, etc. "

Grand Theft Auto V is A story for a player that revolves around three protagonists. Before starting his development he thought about telling 3 different stories each with their corresponding protagonists, but it was given the idea of ​​unifying the stories told throughout the game, According to Benzies, the team made the formula of multiple characters "integral to the structure of the game as well as the narrative. "

The central theme of the Grand Theft Auto V story is the "search for the big dollar." The whole game is based on how the characters through the missions are making efforts to accumulate more and more money each time. The idea that money was the central part of history was based on the financial crisis of 2007, this crisis is the main cause that drives the characters to commit crimes. Houser said: "We wanted this post-shock feeling, because it works thematically in this game about bank robbers." The team was encouraged by the positive reaction to the mission "Three Leaf Clover" in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Each of the characters has its own psychology and represents an archetype. Michael represents greed, Fraklin ambition and Trevor madness. These three characters bring the story of Grand Theft Auto V to a more original territory compared to previous versions. Ned Luke played Michael, Shawn "Solo" Fonteno played Franklin and Steven Ogg played Trevor.

Ogg later commented that he immediately felt a chemistry with Luke that helped secure his roles. While the actors knew that their auditions were for Rockstar Games, it was not until they signed contracts that they learned they would be involved in a Grand Theft title. Auto GTA.

It was not until 2010 that the players started working on the game. Their performances were recorded using motion capture technology. As each character handled a script and movements in a set, they considered that their performances were not different from those of film or television roles.

Michael De Santa GTA 5 character

Michael De Santa (Michael Townley) is one of the three protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V, the character of Michael was played by Ned Luke, was also the voice and motion capture, Michael is about 40 years old, is married to Amanda and is Jimmy's father and Tracey. GTA 5 gives each of the characters with special abilities that are used in the game. Michael's ability is to enter bullet time in combat.

Its history in GTA V begins when Michael participates in a bankrupt robbery in Ludendorff, North Yankton, that forces one of his accomplices, Trevor Philips, to hide; the failed theft forces Michael to fake his death helped by a corrupt FBI agent who gives him a false identity and takes him to Los Santos under the protection of a witness under a new family name. during the development of the game Michael with his ex-accomplice Trevor and his new friend of Saints Franklin are talking about a series of robberies. In the story Trevor discovers that he was tricked by Michael who had planned the theft of Ludendorff with the intention that he would fail and that because of this failed robbery his friend Brad died. Despite not forgiving Michael, Trevor helps him escape a Mexican confrontation. this deception does not separate the band but Trevor does not forgive him and they continue united to complete the biggest robbery that they have conceived the assault to reserve of gold bars of Union Depository, later in another turn of history Franklin is blackmailed and they ask him I killed Trevor or Michael. the player must choose what to do; In case of choosing the latter, Franklin chases Michael to a secluded place, before pushing him to his death from a water tower. In case he chooses the first one, Michael and Franklin chase Trevor in an oil field, and kill Trevor by igniting the oil that was spilled on him when he crashed. If Franklin decides not to kill either of them, the trio join forces to get rid of all their enemies.

Ned Luke

At first Ned Luke was not attracted to the idea of ​​playing for a game, but after reading the material of the casting and studying more about the project Luke was taken, He said: "I went immediately after reading the material of 'I'm not doing 'a' no one else is doing it. "It was just brilliant." To prepare for his role as Michael, Luke gained 25 pounds and studied the previous Rockstar games, starting with Grand Theft Auto IV.

Franklin Clinton GTA 5 Character

Franklin Clinton is one of the three playable protagonists of Grand Theft Auto V. The character was played by Shawn Fonteno, providing voice acting and motion capture. Franklin is a former gang member who has ambitions to make large sums of money, and realizing that he will not achieve this goal in gang life, he has a semi-legitimate job as a recovery agent, for a luxury car dealership, and charges scammers to customers. Franklin works with his best friend Lamar Davis. The special skill that Franklin can use is to decrease the time while driving.

When the owner of the dealer orders Franklin to retrieve Jimmy De Santa's vehicle, Jimmy's father, Michael, holds a gun to Franklin's head and orders him to drive the car through the dealership's shop window, this incident It causes Franklin to be fired. Franklin is impressed with the cold mind and the criminality of Michael and since he is unemployed he looks for him to offer his services in other jobs. Michael in turn sees great potential in Franklin and decides to employ him in his work, many robberies and the two soon forge a bond between father and son in fact Michael openly calls him "the son I never had". Meanwhile, Franklin faces Harold "Stretch" Joseph, a member of Families OG who was recently released from prison, who believes he can give orders to Franklin because of his higher status within the gang. Lamar often takes Franklin to dangerous deals organized by Stretch, which angers him and causes a break between the two friends. When Franklin refuses to help rescue Lamar from another drug business, Franklin's ex-girlfriend, Tanisha, convinces him to remain concerned about the people of his previous life; Franklin saves Lamar's life, deducting that Stretch defected to the Ballas when he was in prison, a rival gang, and is constantly preparing deals for him and Lamar to end up being killed.

Later in the story he is blackmailed into killing Trevor, and the billionaire Devin Weston who kills Michael. In case Franklin kills Trevor or Michael, he ceases contact with the survivor and returns to his former life. If he does not kill either, the trio kills his enemies, including Steve Haines and Devin Weston
Shawn Fonteno

Shawn Fonteno realized the acting work through his friend DJ Pooh, who worked at GTA San Andreas and participated in the musical production of GTA 5. Fonteno at the time of his audition said he grew up in South Los Angeles and was exposed to gang culture helped him connect with Franklin's character. He was inspired by his earlier involvement with a gang and drug trafficking in his interpretation of Franklin. "I lived his life before ... He was surrounded by drugs, crime, living with his aunt, lived with my grandmother, so there was a lot of familiarity." Fonteno sought the advice of Ned Luke and Steven Ogg, the voice actors of Michael and Trevor, respectively, to refine their acting skills.
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Trevor Philips GTA 5 Character

He is the last of the playable characters of Grand Theft Auto V. Trevor is played by Steven Ogg providing voice acting and motion capture. Trevor is Canadian-American, born just north of the border and raised in the United States. Trevor grew up with a physically abusive father and an emotionally abusive mother. Trevor's special ability is to deal additional damage and receive less damage, and he can also perform some unique melee attacks when the special meter is activated.

Trevor participates in a failed robbery in Ludendorff, North Yankton, which forces him to hide; while his accomplices Michael De Santa is presumed dead and Brad Snider sent to jail. 9 years after the robbery Trevor discovers that Michael faked his death and seeks him to join his band and continue to discuss crimes, with the help of his new accomplice Franklin Clinton. During the game Trevor discovers that Michael organized an organization in the Ludendorff robbery, and that Brad is not really in jail, but is dead and buried in Michael's "grave".

This breaks the friendship of Trevor and Michael and promises to kill him, but decides to wait until they comment on the biggest heist in history to secure his fortune. After completing this robbery, Franklin is approached with two parts to demand that he kill Trevor or Michael. If he chooses the first one, Franklin defeats Trevor with Michael's help and kills him when he turns it on. If he decides not to kill either of them, the trio join forces to get rid of all their enemies (Trevor kills Haines), and Trevor forgives Michael.

Steven Ogg said about the character that "Nuances and character traits began to appear: his way of walking, his way of speaking, his reactions, definitely informed his development throughout the game". Ogg said that while Trevor embodies the violent and psychopathic anti-hero archetype of Grand Theft Auto, he wanted players to empathize with Trevor's story.

List of Allies in GTA 5

Lester Crest GTA 5 character

Lester Crest is a business partner of Michael and Trevor. played by Jay Klaitz. Lester worked with Michael and Trevor in many of his robberies before Ludendorff. Lester Crest appears in the story when Michael needs more money to pay Martin Madrazo. Lester has a bipolar character and shows his anger without any reason and despising them for considering that his intelligence is less. to walk he needs to lean on a cane, is an expert in hacking computers for robberies, and shows a hatred towards white-collar criminals. Hire Michael and Franklin to kill several powerful businessmen, destroying their companies while he reaps. The financial rewards of buying stocks in your competitors.

Lamar Davis GTA 5 character

Lamar Davis is Franklin Clinton's best friend. played by Slink Johnson, Lamar is a gangster of the Families, and previously worked as a recovery agent in a vehicle garage, Lamar unlike Franklin is more focused on the gang while Franklin wants to make more money and leave the gang. Lamar designs several schemes to get rich quickly, but has a tendency not to think about things; By kidnapping a member of a rival gang, he allows his face to be shown and uses his own smartphone to call his co-kidnappers with the money. Lamar is stunned by Stretch, a member of a gang he admires, but remains Realize Stretch's plans to kill him.

Dave Norton GTA 5 Character

David "Dave" Norton is an agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FIB) that works Steve Haines. Dave somehow made contact with Michael Townley and the two men worked clandestinely to carry out Michael's supposed death during an upcoming bank robbery in Ludendorff; Michael could leave behind his criminal life and Dave would finally have something to highlight his career without complications. and plans the fake death of Michael by killing Brad by intentionally escaping Trevor. Dave gives Michael a witness protection plan and moves him to Los Santos

Ron Jakowski GTA 5 character

Ronald "Nervous Ron" Jakowski is a friend of Trevor, is a paranoid conspiracy theorist and, often, he is very afraid of Trevor, always calls him "boss" and apologizes when he does something wrong. Ron works at a radio station in Blaine County, Ron was married and had a normal life until he met Trevor left his wife behind, but now owes him a lot for alimony.

Wade Hebert Character

Wade Hebert is a friend of Trevor. He is a juggalo and a chronic methamphetamine addict whose addiction to drugs has left him with the mind of a child, Wade met Trevor when he and his friends bought him drugs; it is implied that Trevor then killed Wade's friends when Wade was not looking.

Solomon Richards Character

Solomon Richards is the film producer, Devin Weston gets Michael to contact Richards, and the two become friends immediately. Michael works for Richards, as intimidating director Anton Beaudelaire to start filming the film and actor Milton McIlroy to apologize to Richards.

List of Enemies in GTA 5

Devin Weston Character

He is a multi-million dollar investor, corporate robber and the CEO of Devin Weston Holdings, which owns shares in almost every state company. He is particularly ruthless in his investment tactics to the point where he gets sexual pleasure when crossing his partners. It shows that he is arrogant and does not sympathize with others. He also acts as a friend to the protagonists, despite his contempt.

Steve Haines Character

 He is a decorated IBF agent who is so skilled that he has his own reality television program, Saints and Sinners: The Belly of Paradise over the criminal underworld of Los Santos. He is Dave Norton's superior and learns of his subordinate's deal with Michael after the former bank robber comes out of retirement.

Harold "Stretch" Joseph Character

 After being released from prison, Stretch immediately returns to his gang, the Chamberlain Gangster Families, demanding respect and handing out orders to Franklin and Lamar. Franklin openly does not respect Stretch, considering him pathetic for not having left the gang mentality, which angers Stretch.

gta 5 pc specifications

Minimum specifications:

    OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1, Windows Vista 64 Bit Service Pack 2* (*NVIDIA video card recommended if running Vista OS)
    Processor: Intel Core 2 Quad CPU Q6600 @ 2.40GHz (4 CPUs) / AMD Phenom 9850 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs) @ 2.5GHz
    Memory: 4GB
    Video Card: NVIDIA 9800 GT 1GB / AMD HD 4870 1GB (DX 10, 10.1, 11)
    Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
    HDD Space: 65GB

Recommended specifications:

    OS: Windows 8.1 64 Bit, Windows 8 64 Bit, Windows 7 64 Bit Service Pack 1
    Processor: Intel Core i5 3470 @ 3.2GHZ (4 CPUs) / AMD X8 FX-8350 @ 4GHZ (8 CPUs)
    Memory: 8GB
    Video Card: NVIDIA GTX 660 2GB / AMD HD7870 2GB
    Sound Card: 100% DirectX 10 compatible
    HDD Space: 65GB

GTA 5 List of Missions

Michael Missions

Father son
Marriage counseling
Daddy's little girl
Friend request
The exemplary husband
Browse the jewelry
Bugstar team
BZ gas grenades
The work of jewelry
Mr. Philips
Fame or drama
Three is a crowd
From a book
Did someone say yoga?
The blow to Merryweather
Garbage truck
More expensive
The blockade
I faced the law ...
Mr. Richards
Preparation of the blow of Paleto
Military material
The blow of Paleto
Cloudy business
Investigate the blow
Unearthing the past
The ballad of Rocco
Cleaning the FIB
Fire truck
Assault on the FIB
Tying ropes
Gathering the family
Father's love
Legal issues
Lessons for parents
Barriers of skewers
Tunnel boring machine
The big blow

Franklin Missions

Franklin and Lamar
Father son
Marriage counseling
Stretch the long
Mr. Philips
Safari around the neighborhood
The blow to Merryweather
Garbage truck
More expensive
The blockade
I faced the law ...
Aerial camera
Slight turbulence
The blow of Paleto
Cloudy business
Investigate the blow
Pack Man
Fresh meat
Plans for the architect
Fire truck
Assault on the FIB
Lamar of problems
Barriers of skewers
Tunnel boring machine
The big blow
The decision of Franklin

Trevor Missions

Trevor Philips Industries
Ron, the nervous
Glass maze
Fame or drama
From a book
Safari around the neighborhood
Explore the port
The blow to Merryweather
Garbage truck
More expensive
The blockade
I faced the law ...
Aerial camera
Preparation of the blow of Paleto
Military material
The blow of Paleto
Cloudy business
Relaxation club
Investigate the blow
Unearthing the past
Pack Man
Fresh meat
Barriers of skewers
Tunnel boring machine
The big blow

GTA Online - How to make Money

How to earn fast money in GTA Online

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If you are playing GTA Online and want ways to earn fast money in GTA Online, here we show you the best way to do it. Rockstar for the first time released for GTA games a way to play online in multiplayer GTA Online was launched for the first time, many new ways to earn cash have been added, In this mode you can go from running illegal clandestine businesses to executing robberies and look for exotic vehicles.

For players it is always important to have additional advantages compared to the rest of their competitors so here we offer the best ways to earn money in GTA Online, in this small guide we will show you in the right direction, highlighting the potential benefit for each effort along with a description of the work involved to achieve it

GTA online Time Trials (Money profits: $ 50k per hour)

"the Time Trials are a free races against the clock that undoubtedly if you are a good driver this is going to be one of your favorite ways to make money where you can win up to $ 50 per hour, each week you can make a new time trial, however, it is not So easy to find the Time Trials, so we recommend you look up the online guides to find the Time Trials of the week. As soon as you start spending more than 10 minutes trying to complete one of these.

GTA online Bunker, Gun Run, Motorcycle Club (Money profits: $ 80k per hour)
Something that must be emphasized that this online GTA guide the money gains are petenciales is not the amount we put per hour, it depends on your skills in online GTA, the beauty of these businesses is that they earn money passively, ie they will produce a product for you to sell at a profit while you are making money elsewhere. Buy a Bunker for GTA Online Gunrunning or a Motorcycle Club and Cocaine business to maximize your profits with these passive methods. You can also buy supplies for your business and wait for them to sell later, the products accumulated for sale will allow you to sell them on a mission when you are ready. as advice we can tell you that you must take care of the time for sale your shares will grow to the point where the sales mission will require several people.

GTA online VIP Work (Money profits: $ 150k per hour)

"So far we have shown you how to earn money in a relatively simple way with relatively acceptable profits but if your plan is to make good money in GTA online then here we start to raise the level, with the VIP works sure that will give you sendable profits. Once you start an organization as VIP or CEO from the interaction menu, you can select "VIP Work" and choose from a series of free roving missions to complete. In these jobs for example you can export vehicles and your profits will be generated per hour, maybe it is not a good idea to focus only on these jobs but it will give you solid benefits, Headhunter, Hostile Takeover and Sightseer are remarkable missions that you must try.

GTA online Vehicle Cargo (Money profits: $ 300k per hour)

"This is the method within GTA online that better earnings will report if you do well you will leave profits of this $ 300k per hour while doing other tasks between jobs. But it is not as easy as it looks first requires that you have an office building and warehouses (of vehicles), so you need to make a capital before starting this company but if you focus on these two aspects, it will make your investment return relatively quickly. For the loading of vehicles, you will have to look for vehicles to fill your warehouse with the 10 unique cars of mid-range and standard without duplicates, each mission of origin that you do after that will result in a higher-ranking car. It continually exports a higher-ranking car and obtains another, ready to be exported when the timer permits.

Cheats, Cars Codes, Free Money on PS4, Xbox One and 360, PC, PS3

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All versions of GTA games have always offered us the possibility to GTA 5 cheats Codes by saving ourselves, many dislikes especially for those players who were not born with the skills that others have that were born with the gift of the game.

Of course GTA 5 is not the exception, in order to give you the most complete guide that you have ever found in GTA 5 Cheats Codes, we offer you all the traps, and GTA 5 tricks and vehicle tricks codes: free money in GTA 5 Cheats codes for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360, PS3. To activate them you must configure it to be able to use them, the activation mechanism of the codes is the telephone. Here is a fairly complete list of all the GTA 5 Cheats Codes. We will also give you some tips on how to use the GTA 5 Cheats Codes for PS4, Xbox One, PC, Xbox 360 and PS3, and we will also highlight some of the best GTA 5 Cheats Codes for PS4 and PS3

Weapon GTA 5 Cheats Codes for PS4 and PS3

(cheat codes for gta 5 ps3 and cheat codes for gta 5 ps4)

    Choose your weapon: ∆ - RT - LEFT - LB - A - RIGHT - Y - DOWN - X - LB - LB - LB


    Fast Run: ∆ - Left - Right - Right - L2 - L1 - []
    Fast Swim: Left - Left - L1 - Right - Right - R2 - Left - L2 - Right

Ammo Booster GTA 5 Cheats Codes

(cheat codes for gta 5 ps3 and cheat codes for gta 5 ps4)

    Explosive Melee: Right - Left - X - ∆ - R1 - O - O - O - L2
    Explosive Rounds: Right - [] - X - Left - R1 - R2 - Left - Right - Right - L1 - L1 - L1
    Flame Rounds: L1 - R1 - [] - R1 - Left - R2 - R1 - Left - [] - Right - L1 - L1

Player Tweaks GTA 5 Cheats Codes:

(cheat codes for gta 5 ps3 and cheat codes for gta 5 ps4)

    Invincibility: Right - X - Right - Left - Right - R1 - Right - Left, X - ∆
    Restore Health and Armor:    O - L1 - ∆ - R2 - X - [] - O - Right - [] - L1 - L1 - L1
    Recharge Special Ability: X - X - [] - R1 - L1 - X - Right - Left - X
    Super Jump: Left - Left - ∆ - ∆ - Right - Right - Left - Right - [] - R1 - R2
    Lower Wanted Level: R1 - R1 - O - R2 - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left
    Raise Wanted Level: R1 - R1 - O - R2 - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right
    Give Parachute: Left - Right - L1 - L2 - R1 - R2 - R2 - Left - Left - Right - L1
    Skyfall: L1 - L2 - R1 - R2 - Left - Right - Left - Right - L1 - L2 - R1 - R2 - Left - Right - Left - Right
    Drunk Mode: ∆ - Right - Right - Left - Right - [] - O - Left

Environmental GTA 5 Cheats Codes for PS4 and PS3

(cheat codes for gta 5 ps3 and cheat codes for gta 5 ps4)

    Change Weather: R2 - X - L1 - L1 - L2 - L2 - L2 - []
    Low Friction: ∆ - R1 - R1 - Left - R1 - L1 - R2 - L1
    Low Gravity: Left - Left - L1 - R1 - L1 - Right - Left - L1 - Left
    Slow Motion: ∆ - Left - Right - Right - [] - R2 - R1

Vehicle GTA 5 Cheats Codes for PS4 and PS3

(cheat codes for gta 5 ps3 and cheat codes for gta 5 ps4)

    BMX: Left - Left - Right - Right - Left - Right - [] - O - ∆ - R1 - R2
    Buzzard: O - O - L1 - O - O - O - L1 - L2 - R1 - ∆ - O - ∆
    Caddy: O - L1 - Left - R1 - L2 - X - R1 - L1 - O - X
    Comet: R1 - O - R2 - Right - L1 - L2 - X - X - [] - R1
    Duster: Right - Left - R1 - R1 - R1 - Left - ∆ - ∆ - X - O - L1 - L1
    Limo: R2 - Right - L2 - Left - Left - R1 - L1 - O - Right
    PCJ-600: R1 - Right - Left - Right - R2 - Left - Right - [] - Right - L2 - L1 - L1
    Rapid GT: R2 - L1 - O - Right - L1 - R1 - Right - Left - O - R2
    Sanchez: O - X - L1 - O - O - L1 - O - R1 - R2 - L2 - L1 - L1
    Stunt Plane: O - Right - L1 - L2 - Left - R1 - L1 - L1 - Left - Left - X - ∆
    Trashmaster: O - R1 - O - R1 - Left - Left - R1 - L1 - O - Right
Weapon Cheat Codes for GTA 5 Xbox One and Xbox 360

    Choose your weapon: Y - RT - LEFT - LB - A - RIGHT - Y - DOWN - X - LB - LB - LB

Speed-ups GTA 5 Cheats Codes for Xbox One and 360

(cheat codes for Xbox one and cheat codes for Xbox 360)
    Fast Run: Y - Left - Right - Right - LT - LB - A
    Fast Swim: Left - Left - LB - Right - Right - RT - Left - LT - Right

Ammo Booster GTA 5 Cheats Codes for Xbox One and 360

(cheat codes for Xbox one and cheat codes for Xbox 360)
    Explosive Melee: Right - Left - X - Y - RB - B - B - B - LT
    Explosive Rounds: Right - A - X - Left - RB - RT - Left - Right - Right - LB - LB - LB
    Flame Rounds: LB - RB - A - RB - Left - RT - RB - Left - A - Right - LB - LB

Player Tweaks GTA 5 Cheats Codes for Xbox One and 360:

(cheat codes for Xbox one and cheat codes for Xbox 360)
    Invincibility: Right - A - Right - Left - Right - RB - Right - Left - A - Y
    Restore Health and Armor:    B - LB - Y - RT - A - X - B - Right - X - LB - LB - LB
    Recharge Special Ability: X - X - A - RB - LB - X - Right - Left - X
    Super Jump: Left - Left - Y - Y - Right - Right - Left - Right - X - RB - RT
    Lower Wanted Level: RB - RB - B - RT - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left
    Raise Wanted Level: RB - RB - B - RT - Left - Right - Left - Right - Left - Right
    Give Parachute: Left - Right - LB - LT - RB - RT - RT - Left - Left - Right - LB
    Skyfall: LB - LT - RB - RT - Left - Right - Left - Right - LB - LT - RB - RT - Left - Right - Left - Right
    Drunk Mode: Y - Right - Right - Left - Right - X - B - Left

Environmental GTA 5 Cheats Codes for Xbox One and Xbox 360

(cheat codes for Xbox one and cheat codes for Xbox 360)
    Change Weather: RT - X - LB - LB - LT - LT - LT - A
    Low Friction: Y - RB - RB - Left - RB - LB - RT - LB
    Low Gravity: Left - Left - LB - RB - LB - Right - Left - LB - Left
    Slow Motion: Y - Left - Right - Right - A - RT - RB

Vehicle GTA 5 Cheats Codes for Xbox One and Xbox 360:

(cheat codes for Xbox one and cheat codes for Xbox 360)
    BMX: Left - Left - Right - Right - Left - Right - A - Circle - Y - RB - RT
    Buzzard: B - B - LB - B - B - B - LB - LT - RB - Y - B - Y
    Caddy: B - LB - Left - RB - LT - X - RB - LB - B - X
    Comet: RB - B - RT - Right - LB - LT - X - X - A - RB
    Duster: Right ,Left - RB - RB - RB - Left - Y - Y - X - B - LB - LB
    Limo: RT - Right - LT - Left - Left - RB - LB - B - Right
    PCJ-600: RB - Right - Left - Right - RT - Left - Right - A - Right - LT - LB - LB
    Rapid: GT RT - LB - B - Right - LB - RB - Right - Left - B - RT
    Sanchez: B - X - LB - B - B - LB - B - RB - RT - LT - LB - LB
    Stunt Plane: B - Right - LB - LT - Left - RB - LB - LB - Left - Left - X - Y
    Trashmaster: B - RB - B - RB - Left - Left - RB - LB - B - Right

GTA 5 Cheat Codes PC - GTA 5 PC Console Commands

GTA 5 cheat codes pc work differently to how cheats Codes are entered on PS4 and Xbox One. First you need to bring up the console by hitting the tilde key "~". Then type in one of the codes listed below and hit the Enter key.

GTA 5 cheat codes pc:
    Flaming Bullets: INCENDIARY
    Explosive Melee Attack HOTHANDS
    Give Parachute: SKYDIVE
    Moon Gravity: FLOATER
    Drunk Mode: LIQUOR
    Recharge Ability: POWERUP
    Slow Motion: Enter three times for full effect - SLOWMO
    Launch into the sky: SKYFALL
    Spawn BMX: BANDIT
    Spawn Comet: COMET
    Spawn PCJ-600 Motorcycle: ROCKET
    Spawn Sanchez Dirt Bike: OFFROAD
    Spawn Rapid GT: RAPIDGT
    Spawn Limo: VINEWOOD
    Spawn Trashmaster: TRASHED
    Spawn Buzzard Attack Helicopter: BUZZOFF
    Spawn Stunt Plane: BARNSTORM
    Slow Motion Aiming: Enter three times for full effect - DEADEYE
    Invincibility: PAINKILLER
    Slow Down Gameplay: SLOWMO
    Max Health & Armor: TURTLE
    Fast Run: CATCHME
    Raise Wanted Level: FUGITIVE
    Lower Wanted Level: LAWYERUP
    Change Weather: MAKEITRAIN
    Slippery Cars Drifting: SNOWDAY
Cell Phone Numbers in GTA 5

If you've tried dialing random numbers in GTA 5 you'll know you usually get a busy signal. There are a number of phone numbers that do work, though, connecting you to people, answering machines or sounds.

Character and business phone numbers:

    Abigail: 346-555-0126
    Al: 346-555-0109
    Amanda: 346-555-0118
    Barry: 346-555-0105
    Beverly: 328-555-0139
    Blimp: 346-555-0176
    Brucie: 273-555-0185
    Chasity: 611-555-0163
    Cheetah: 328-555-0167
    Cletus: 346-555-0174
    Dave: 273-555-0132
    Devin Weston: 328-555-0182
    Downtown Cab Co: 323-555-5555
    Friedlander: 346-555-0134
    Edgar: 611-555-0146
    Feminine Sexual Art Centre: 273-555-0164
    First Lieutenant Kyle P. Slater: 328-555-0145
    Franklin: 328-555-0156
    Fufu: 346-555-0186
    Infernus: 611-555-0184
    Jimmy Boston: 346-555-0148
    Jimmy: 346-555-0190 and 273-555-0143
    Joe: 611-555-0128
    Josh Bernstein: 611-555-0169
    Lamar: 346-555-0141
    Liz: 611-555-0126
    Lester: 346-555-0102
    Marnie: 611-555-0181
    Martin Madrazo: 346-555-0188
    Merryweather: 273-555-0120
    Maude: 328-555-0185
    Nigel: 346-555-0111
    Nikki: 346-555-0183
    Omega: 346-555-0162
    Oscar: 273-555-0125
    Patricia: 328-555-0110
    Peach: 273-555-0189
    Rickie: 611-555-0140
    Ron: 328-555-0198
    Sapphire: 328-555-0177
    Simeon: 611-555-0120
    Solomon Richards: 328-555-0123
    Steve Haines: 328-555-0150
    Stretch: 346-555-0122
    Tanisha Jackson: 328-555-0180
    Tennis Coach: 611-555-0191
    Tonya: 611-555-0199
    Tracey: 273-555-0168 and 273-555-0197
    Trevor: 273-555-0136
    Truthseeker: 273-555-0155

Phone numbers for answering for characters and businesses


Phone numbers for strange sounds and messages:

    273-555-0158: No longer in service message
    328-555-0119: Dial-up modem sounds
    328-555-0193: Music
    346-555-0155: Dial-up modem sounds
    346-555-0192: Mysterious message
    611-555-0195: Humorous prank call response
    611-555-0198: Mailbox is full message

Phone numbers that reveal a mysterious busy signal:


The best GTA 5 mods

Truck missions mod script

" The Truck missions script offers you six different works of driving large platforms. Jobs can be paid according to the time or by delivering cargo with the least possible damage. You even have your own truck office.

Script of Ped Chaos mod

" With the script of Ped Chaos, you will return to the Saints in complete chaos. All the inhabitants of the city are armed and dangerous, in this world of evil there is no police anywhere. Watch the citizens go to war with each other or join yourself.

Open all interiors mod

"During the GTA 5 missions, you can enter the interiors of many buildings, but you will find these places closed if you return. The Open All Interiors script makes it possible to access more than 30 of these places during free play.

Without water / Atlantis mod

"Another interesting mod in GTA 5 is undoubtedly that of flooding the Saints literally, by giving them the possibility of drowning Los Santos in the seawater. You can also eliminate the ocean completely and drive along the dry seabed.

Working Restaurants mod script

"It adds the ability to catch a quick and restorative meal in nine different restaurants like Burgershot or Up-N-Atom. There are new icons on your map, stand under the yellow arrow next to the front door and start eating. Eating costs $ 2, fills your health and makes the clock go half an hour.

Simple Passenger script mod

"The Simple Passenger script allows you to get on the cars driven by NPC, you can travel as a passenger. Establish waypoints for the driver and take him there, or let them decide where to go. If you get tired of being a passenger, you can change to the driver's seat by pressing a key.

Fuel script mod

"The use of the fuel script in GTA 5 means that your car will run out of fuel while driving. Also add a gas tank gauge (on top of your minimap) to alert you when you have little gas, which you can top up by visiting a gas station.

Script of the vehicle driver mod

"Everyone knows that in GTA 5 anyone can drive a car, but with this mod you can operate them Open the hood and boot, turn the signal, turn on the emergency lights and even the interior light, leave the engine running and the door of the Driver's side open, useful for quick getaways.

Gravity Gun mod script

"If you are a Half-Life 2 fan, you will have an option to take GTA 5 with the Gravity Gun script. Equip the stun gun, aim at something and hold down the E key, and you can lift and throw your target far away. It works in cars.

Remastered natural vision mod

"Inspired by graphics from games such as Forza Horizon 3 and Watch Dogs, Natural Vision Remastered is an ambitious and impressive GTA 5 visual reconditioning mod.

Realistic damage system Mod

If playing with Michael, Trevor and Franklin do not feel realistic enough, in this mode you can make the characters a little more realistic, it provides a more realistic injury experience. Damage to the nerves, heart attacks, internal bleeding, collapsed lungs, limb orientation: everything is there, determined by five states of wounds and bleeding: None, Light, Medium, Heavy and Deadly.

MOD of war

The mod GTA 5 Warfare allows you to have clashes of military theme. Skirmishes can incorporate tanks, helicopters and other vehicles for maximum chaos, while battlefields can range from yachts to the full districts of Los Santos.

Complex control Mod

The complex control adds 100 skins of unique characters, 55 unique and balanced abilities, roguelite, permadeath and mechanical battle royale, and is the work of more than 1,500 hours of solo development.

Great space theft Mod

Grand Theft Space for GTA 5 takes you to the cosmos above. Currently, it has a functioning space shuttle, 11 planets, three moons and a scarce extraterrestrial life.

London Project Mod

If you are tired of playing in Los Santos set in the city of Los angeles, this mod will interest you, the London Project aims to build a city similar to London in Grand Theft Auto 5. Project London is a company working in progress in which its creator is designing milestones progressively.

Dragon ball Mod script

The Dragon Ball script mod allows players to tear off the Los Angeles cityscape from land or sky, using a lot of Dragon Ball powers with the Kamehameha energy attack, Ki Blast, Teleport.

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