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We invite you to discover How to get all the trophies a new task in Fall Guys.

What to know about the trophies in Fall Guys?

We will find the existence of different trophies when playing on PS4, 21 are bronze, 8 silver, 5 gold and 1 platinum, in order to win them it is necessary that we carry out the different tasks that these require as an achievement, in this guide We will have the details that will help us in terms of How to get all the trophies, let's see the content carefully and attention below.
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    How to get all the trophies in Fall Guys?

    The Bronze trophies:


    •  By equipping our first cosmetic we get the snowflake trophy
    • With a common team and improvement of suits, colors and pattern we obtain the negotiation cube trophy
    • When we reached level 10 for a season we got trophy one to watch
    • Without falling on any occasion to qualify in a round, that is why I get the impeccable victory
    • In races get first in a round, getting ahead in the pack
    • Being the winner of episode 1, we get the victory trophy
    • Winning in 7 episodes leads us to obtain the highest level trophy
    • We have to qualify in round 1 and we get the trophy a little trip
    • Equipped with a custom punchline come out on top in an episode, getting the trophy to show off
    • With a group of 3 or more players emerge victorious in one episode, achieving the team goals trophy
    • In a round that goes on to extend qualify, thus obtaining the trophy until the end
    • Despite 10 falls managing to qualify in a racing round, we managed to get the face trophy first
    • With a score of 1 qualify in a team match, obtaining the low ball trophy
    • Before arriving first, use an emote, achieving the trophy of a great joke.
    • With an autumn share a hug, we get a fall Bae
    • With 1 total hour on the clock, we won the great air trophy
    • When we meet more than 1000 times other autumns, we get the stumbling trophy.
    • Before it falls into our heads do it for 3 seconds, we get the style points trophy
    • For hitting someone we get the trophy the big thug
    • While we are rolling on the ground we meet 3 people, we get the Troubleton trophy
    • Reaching terminal velocity, we win the drop throttle

    Silver trophies:


    •  50 cosmetics unlocked, we get the Fall Boy Fashionista
    • 10 cosmetics unlocked, we get the shopping spree trophy
    • Mad Trendy Outfit a rare or legendary body color, pattern, top and bottom silver suit
    • We have to equip a strange or legendary piece of a top and bottom outfit, getting the fashion crazy trophy
    • Equip a legendary item for the first time, winning the catwalk model
    • 25 level of fame in one season, that's why we get the name of the house
    • In a round of 5 races achieving first place, we won the pretty appetizing
    • Be victorious in 20 episodes, trophy for it the golden boy
    • In 100 rounds qualify, you get the giant jump


    The Gold Trophies:


    •  Equip a legendary piece of top and bottom body, pattern, and suit color, thus winning the heads turning trophy
    • 40 level of fame for one season, winning the show star trophy for it
    • In a round of 20 races come first, therefore the track star trophy
    • In 5 episodes be the winner, infallible trophy
    • From 500 rodas qualify, we get the veteran state trophy


     Platinum Trophy:


    •  Win all trophies, you get the last fall boy trophy

     Finally, now that we know how to get all the trophies we can go ahead to get them in Fall Guys.

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