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Breathedge has arrived, and today we propose to leave you some advice about How to heal, let's see.

Why is it necessary to know how to heal in Breathedge?

This game allows us to carry out some space walks where there is a lack of oxygen, this could easily lead to death, however, this should not necessarily be carried out in this way, because the idea is not to die because, but rather what experience we will be living, in this sense, it is necessary to use a health kit to recover, but to use it is necessary to scan, and we will talk about it here.

How to heal in Breathedge?

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    Our task begins in order to locate the scanner plane, for this it will be necessary to leave the ship and take a look at the wreck, we will see the scanner on a wall, here we must interact with it in order to find the plane and return to our ship, as we have the task of manufacturing one and for this we must have with us:

    • Metal: which can be achieved by floating on the outside of the ship.
    • Plastic: we get it on the edge of the platform where we will see that there are two corpses playing video games in the remains of the ship
    • Battery: it is possible to get it floating on the speakers where the two corpses are playing video games on the ship.
    • Light bulb: it is necessary to locate a lamp in the pink remains that strain to be located under our ship.

    With the manufactured scanner we are allowed to scan the bathroom and there we will be given other manufacturing indications where we must have:

    • Alcohol: we get this element at the tables at the beginning of the game on the ship.
    • Fabric: to get it is only necessary to cut a little of the walls of the lock of our ship.
    • With this already manufactured, it is possible to make some first-aid kits that we can use to heal ourselves when we receive some complex damage.

    With this we put an end to this guide on How to heal, because we only have to get all the necessary materials to make the first aid kit in Breathedge and that's it.

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