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Angel Marquez
2021-03-03 15:45:27

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Find out how to unlock the Salve-Maker Job to achieve Bravely Default 2 advancement.

What to know about Bravely Default 2?

In the game we are presented with a job system, where it allows to obtain the active and passive skills, the combination of these, the subclass and skills is something to be seen, this time it is prudent to talk about how to unlock the Salve-Maker Job and for this you should consider some details that will be presented in this guide from here on, let's see.
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How to unlock ointmSalve-Maker Job in Bravely Default 2?

With this work it is possible to combine several objects, where with this come two skills, which are combine and survey, with the first it allows the combination between two objects to achieve effects and in the case of the survey it allows revealing health, vulnerabilities and to the family of the enemies, this Salve-Maker Job we will have available once we reach the end of chapter 2, being necessary that we go to the snowy region, here to unlock it we must do the following:


  •  Go to the town of enderno.
  • To the right there is a house which we will enter.
  • We must look for an object that we must get for the NPC with whom we will talk.
  • We return to the NPC.
  • You have to enter a brother's dream to rescue him, where there is an easy fight as long as we have the necessary equipment.
  • We managed to get the Salve-Maker Job in this way.


 In the dreamscape we are going to be, it is ideal to carry out a manual save because these enemies turn out to be very challenging, in itself this work is nothing out of the ordinary, only that the combination of elements is something that can be taken advantage of. , also the fact of revealing some details of our enemies may be something necessary, combining the works can make our gameplay very incredible.

 Clearly knowing how to unlock Salve-Maker Job allows us to have more fun in Bravely Default 2.

Bravely Default II, Bravely 2
Nintendo Switch
Unreal Engine 4
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