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Breathedge has arrived, and therefore it is important to tell you How to make crap imposed, let's see.

What's the point of make crap imposed in Breathedge?

This is an adventure in which exploring the environment is simply an interesting task, since there is the possibility of having some amount of things to learn, which includes some somewhat silly things, this does not stop there because there are manufacturing tasks, because of this way knowing how to make crap imposed even when we consider that we could be wasting our time is really just the nature of this game, where there is the opportunity to learn something even when perhaps it is silly things.
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    How to make crap imposed in Breathedge?

    It is necessary to get some necessary materials and for this it is required:


    •  2 refined metal: this is a necessary element to use, because with it, it is possible to make various things, such as a Handy Scrapper just by breaking a little of this material, and it is an element that can be achieved by floating outside the ship near the two corpses on the sofa, since it will only be necessary to find the battery in a speaker outside the ship, it will only be necessary to take a look at the lock where we will see some considerable amount of metal remains.
    • Wire: this is another necessary resource in this activity about How to make crap imposed, as we must collect it and to do so it will be necessary to take a look at the area where it is housed, this usually protrudes from the frame of the boats, this means that our task is to head to where the big shipwrecks are.
    • The thick electrical tape: this is another necessary resource to look for in Breathedge and this usually has a bit more complexity, since we require shears, it is also necessary to choose to leave the lock in order to take a look below where we will see some objects of a pink spaceship, to which we must go immediately, when we arrive at the place we will see a body tied to a bed, and it is our job to take care of registering it in order to locate the plan of Shears, from there we must manufacture it for what that we only have to choose to interact with the ship's processors and in this sense it is necessary to use other resources.

    The materials needed to manufacture Breathedge Shears are described below:


    •  3 metals: that we get by floating outside the ship.
    • Wire: this can be obtained in a wrecked ship, in exposed areas that are usually found next to our ship.
    • Scissors: it is only necessary to take care of taking a look at our ship and checking the tables to find it.


     With these resources we managed to manufacture the shears and with them in our possession it is time to mobilize outside the ship, and take a review in order to see our "Coffin with love", there it will be necessary to cut two rubber sheets, return to the processor once again, where we will make the thick electrical tape in the "Resources" tab, specifically locating "Common Resources", having some number of sheets we return again to the processor where we finally manage to manufacture the imposed crap and place it in our hand with the object to give an end to this search.

    This is all we can tell you about How to make crap imposed, as it is a somewhat different task that can only be done in Breathedge.

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