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Bravely Default 2 has turned out to be very lively, and today he leads us to discover How to beat Folie.

Who is Folie in Bravely Default 2?

It is about who has the asterisk Pictomancer, she is a girl who has a past full of sadness, which justifies her sickly bad actions and that are presented in the second chapter, she is also in charge of the brainwashing carried out on many characters in Wiswald, but the time has come to know how to beat Folie and for that we see the present content from here on.
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How to beat Folie in Bravely Default 2?

Our objective Folie has the support of a couple of pets, it is a Golem and a large turtle, the latter do not represent a major obstacle in combat, so looking for How to beat Folie will go through the fact of what deadly that can be a work of art behind it, there are a few moves to consider from Folie in Bravely Default 2 and these are as follows:

  •  For 4 turns she is able to reduce a target's physical attack by 10 percent by disarming Scarlet.
  • Single target cause Daub with splash
  • You can eliminate the pains for states, damages and weaknesses with purify
  • It can counter black and white magic apart from dealing elemental light damage with the chiaro.
  • A single target can deal dark elemental damage
  • Daud is inflicted on a single target with disfigurement


 The mural also has some movements, these being:


  •  Deals darkness elemental damage to a single target when using Darkra
  • All targets will be terrified by the wall of despair


 We will first take care of the golem and the turtle, which have a weakness to water, axes and spears, with Berserker we will cause them significant damage, the same happens with the Longinus spear, we just have to attack and maintain our health by healing ourselves, the problem in As for How to beat Folie we have that they are counters, capable of keeping the attacks of white magic at bay, what we can do is have a red magician in our team, this because the white magician cannot work freely, as that we make his health drop and we stay alive by healing we will see how Folie will finally fall, it is important not to focus on the PA accumulation, what we will do is go with a forceful attack in each of the turns, the thief's divine speed hit or the Extended blow and the berserker level cut, if we use black magician we will do nothing, so a member that maintains our MP using the Mini Ether and Ether is the best strategy, being the best To have a magician b lanco to the maximum or red magician, the latter as a backup healer and in charge of the Ether, the thief anyone, now taking into account the Mural and his abilities in conjunction with Folie it is important to take care of this by having a healer ready to support us, a Once we win in this combat, obtain the Pictomante asterisk in Bravely Default 2, which allows us to use the artistic side on our side.

 We can conclude that knowing how to beat Folie is easier than we thought, just try it and tell us about the results in Bravely Default 2

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