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Angel Marquez
2021-05-31 15:56:03

More about: BitLife

Today we bring you a BitLife guide where we will explain how to be a mechanic.

What to know about BitLife?

Throughout this game we can do multiple things during life, which can include repairing cars, only for this we must know How to be a mechanic and in the content of this guide we will see the details below.

How to be a mechanic in BitLife?

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It is necessary to have the age of 18 to be able to opt for a full-time job, going through high school graduation, after which, together with the necessary age, we click on the occupation button, here are the different employment options, so we are looking for the auto mechanic apprentice, it is certainly a random job list, so not all jobs are shown, for this you have to close and open the application again so that a new list is generated, thus having the option to check until it appears, so we have to open and close this several times.

After that we will go on to an interview question, which is easy to answer, and we will end up being hired, the starting salary will be between $13,000 and $25,000, so in any case knowing this profession is important to overcome some challenges, among which there is the Motorhead, after having the work we can do many more things.

Knowing how to be a mechanic is interesting, because it allows us to develop and have more fun in BitLife.

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