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If you want to know how to get new Ark Genesis weapons this guide is ideal for you because we have covered everything.

How many new weapons are in Ark Genesis.

There are a total of 4 new weapons, including Tek Grenade Launcher, Cruise Missile, Tek Shoulder Cannon, Tek Claws and Flaming Spear, which are part of the new expansion of the game which is divided into two parts and the first is already available.
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    How to get new weapons from Ark Genesis.

    Tek shoulder cannon

    This is a heavy primary weapon driven by elements and also fulfills an excellent shield function. The materials necessary for its manufacture which will take 5 seconds are the following:

    • 100 × black pearl.
    • 100 XP
    • 5 seconds.
    • 240 × polymer
    • 900 × metal ingot.
    • 240 × glass
    • 100 × Element.

    Tek Grenade Launcher.

    This is a new and very powerful grenade launcher, capable of firing different types of grenades. The materials necessary for its manufacture which will take 12 seconds are the following:

    • 360 XP
    • 40 × element.
    • 80 × black pearl.
    • 60 × electronics
    • 180 × polymer
    • 420 × metal ingot.
    • 180 × crystal

    Tek claws.

    This is a low-range holographic melee-type weapon with limited range whose damage increases over time. The materials necessary for its manufacture which will take 15 seconds are the following:

    • 28 × Element.
    • 52 × black pearl.
    • 360 XP
    • 160 × polymer
    • 180 × metal ingot.
    • 184 × crystal.

    Flaming spear

    This is also a melee weapon of limited range and with very poor resistance. The materials necessary for its manufacture are the following:

    • 12 × fiber
    • 8 × wood.
    • 2 × flint.

    Cruise missile.

    This missile can be fired from a cruise missile launcher.

    Now that you know how to obtain new Ark Genesis weapons, we hope that you can gradually get the recipe materials from each one and build them as soon as possible to experience their effects and effectiveness for yourself now that the new expansion is just beginning .

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