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n the game Archero you have to take advantage of the advantages that you can present to win in the races. One advantage is wearing the best armor for you on archero.

In Archero The best armor will give you health benefits, decrease the damage received, dodge and even improve your attacks, each armor brings different abilities.

The armors here have six different qualities: normal is the weakest, huge, strange, epic, perfect epic and the strongest is legendary. An armor of at least epic quality will give you a bonus on elemental damage.

The best armor Archer

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    In the game Archero we can count on four pieces of armor, one of them has the name of dexterity vest. This generates a dodge percentage, but in epic form it gives a stroke of lightning to the enemies that are close.
    These pieces can lead us to have the best armor, the piece that follows is the phantom layer, this decreases the damage caused by the projectiles, and in an epic state, it causes the enemy an ice damage and can also freeze them.
    Now there is the third one that is called golden chest in general this account with great defense since it reduces all the damage received in general, and the epic version does fire damage.

    The final piece is called the vacuum tunic, it limits the collision damage and for the epic version it causes poison damage.

    For the Archero game, having the best armor will be achieved while it has the legendary quality being the strongest, for the types of armor that depends on the form of game you are developing yourself. Most experienced players wear a dexterity vest for the dodge percentage, reinforcing it with the snake ring, this ring also gives a percentage to dodge, you can release the pieces of equipment, receiving prizes and opening boxes as you advance in the game.

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