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Samurai Shodown: How to Using Lighting Blade

2019-06-25 20:09:06

There will be many times when you will literally be on the verge of disappearing in Samurai Shodown and you will urgently need an immediate exit from this moment of chaos.

It is at that moment where you simply need the illumination plate in Samurai Shodown. You can activate it quickly and it will help you to escape the moments of high pressure in which you are about to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Prepare to deal good damage with incredible power to inflict damage on the enemy.

How to use the lighting blade in Samurai Shodown.

To activate the lighting blade in Samurai Shodown, first of all, you will have to make sure that the rage explosion is active. You can activate it using the input 5A + B + C.

Then you have to hit this same entrance to make your character jump forward while the screen is fading, this will make your enemy lose up to 45% of life in a single instant.

Using the lighting film on Samurai Shodown also has its risks.

You must take into account that you activate your Rage Explosion, you can not use anything that has to do with Rage the rest of your fight in Samurai Shodown.

In addition, the lighting blade of Samurai Shodown can also fail, and considering that this can happen after activating the Rage Explosion, you would be quite vulnerable to your enemy.

So you have to be prepared for any unforeseen, keep in mind that your enemy will not wait for you, although clearly if it works you will be able to deal out an amount of damage that will give you victory in seconds seconds on your opponent.

Ukyo Super Special and Lightning Blade - Samurai Shodown

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