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Resident Evil Resistance: How to be a Mastermind

2020-04-03 12:30:15

Find out How to be an Mastermind in this excellent and explanatory guide to Resident Evil 3 Remake

What is a mastermind in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

We have to be the controls that we can have on the doors, lights, spawn enemies and use rags with the use of the different cameras that are present throughout the map, our goal being to achieve that the timer reaches 0 and thus win, in this guide we will know how to be an Mastermind, let's pay attention to its content.

What to know about an Mastermind in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

It is possible to be an Mastermind, by wounding the survivors, mounting them, preventing them from reaching the goal in time, finding the keys in stage 1, using terminals in stage 2, and destroying the containers in stage 3. escaping and winning, when going from one stage to another you get some extra time so we must be careful, let's see now more details of How to be an Mastermind.

How to be an Mastermind in Resident Evil 3 Remake?

The traps and location of the elements that are key, will be in the bathroom at the end of stage 1, where we will get 3 keys and we will use them in the nearby exit doors, here in the end bathroom in the same area, it is It is possible that they have a few armored zombies or the fat one, so near the door we can place a mine and on top of this we generate a dragon-zombie, it is key that we do it near each door and key, so the survivors will not be able to Noticing the trap and they will be attacked by many enemies, being important that we turn off the lights.

The fact of turning off the lights will allow survivors to end up falling into the traps, closing the doors it is possible that we also find some zombie capable of hurting us and taking time, we must remember that in the beginning it is not possible to breed, after Stage 2 is possible that we father Mr. X, all in search of knowing how to be an Mastermind.

In stage 2, instead of finding keys we will have terminals and we must protect them, doing the following:
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    • We close the door
    •     We turn off the lights
    •     We put a trap on the ground next to the door
    •     Over the trap we put a zombie
    •     We spawn a couple of enemies inside the room and wait for them to come.

    In this part of Resident Evil 3 Remake, if they don't get so smart, the 4 of them are going to enter the room, what we will do now is beget Mr. X out of the room, next door so they don't see us, just they will listen to us, we enter the room and kill them all, with the right click we have the way to do it quickly, basically it is 4 to 5 blows to finish them, if there is one that is saved we press the R to track it and hunt it, then with The G uses the execution ability, being attentive, since the animation can be canceled if another person shoots us.

    We are in the answer to How to be an Mastermind in Resident Evil 3 Remake, thus reaching stage 3, well here what we have to do are exactly the same steps, changing the only fact that there are no lights here, so we will protect the bio-containers, with which we put several traps and enemies that crawl on the cranes, in addition to the enemies that will protect the containers, we are working properly and thus solving How to be an Mastermind.

    Game recommendations for Resident Evil 3 Remake

    •     We always have to try to save a card from the turret and use it to kill Valerie
    •     The blinding card is special, its use is when the door opens full of traps and many enemies to blind them, causing them to be unable to defend themselves and to be caught by enemies
    •     The use of Mr. X should not be rushed, since it takes time to use it again when it cools down, it is ideal to use it just when necessary, in the last objective that is keyed
    •     In small rooms, lickers are helpful
    •     In long corridors, the use of dogs will be correct, due to how fast they are
    •     Ivy zombies work well with those leg traps for a good combo
    •     The berserk syringe has 3 buds, ideal to keep for lickers and Ivy.
    •     Taking care of January, his skills make the cards cost us much more points, finishing them quickly is the best option.

    We hope that the information detailed here on How to be an Mastermind has been useful for you to advance and have fun in Resident Evil 3 Remake.

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