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Today we are going to talk to you about All Expeditions, an interesting task to execute in New World.

What is the purpose of knowing the expeditions in New World?

Simply having the opportunity to enter various places in the game where we are allowed to take a look at everything that it can contain, exploring is an interesting and important activity and that offers us the possibility of completing missions, at the end of the whole The most important objective of this is to get experience, this fits perfectly especially considering that this is a massively multiplayer game, and it has a good number of places where it is possible to enter.

All Expeditions in New World?

We currently have two particular places and these are:
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    Garden of Genesis: this is a place where it is usually necessary to take charge of fighting against the protectors of that area, the idea is to be able to defeat the plague that is in the surroundings and thus get things fixed, this usually occurs exactly where the angry land, and it is an expedition that we can do well at the end of the game, thus implying having reached level 60, where digging is undoubtedly a crucial task, this simply translates into a more intense activity.

    Amrine excavation:
    this is another expedition that we usually do, but unlike the previous one, this one presents less complexity, in this case it is usually necessary to investigate the fate of Simon Gray, the archaeologist and his team, this because they have discovered technology old before disappearing, to embark on this expedition it is usually necessary to have reached level 25 and thus be part of this mission.

    This is everything you need to know about All expeditions, you just have to reach the required level in New World and that's it.

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