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2020-09-14 08:35:36

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Guide to learn how to create your team in NBA 2K21

  You may not like playing solo like in NBA 2K21 very much, but if you like the idea of creating a team in the game from star players from the past and present to face the lineups of other players it can be just as funny. That is why in this guide we will teach you everything you need to do this.

How to create your team in NBA 2K21?

To start you have to go to the main menu. From there, scroll down to the Features tab and open it. This will allow you to select from several different game modes and options, one of which is Create a List mode.

Select to create a roster and then you can drill down into the mode and shape your own team including past and current stars.
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You can use a custom character that you have created as a player to add it to your team. They will work in the same way as any other player in the game, and can be added or removed as you see fit.

Although the truth is that it should be noted that their stats from MyCareer mode will carry over when you use them in your lineup. If their stats aren't up to scratch, take some time to improve them so they don't ruin the team during crucial moments.

  Now that you know how to create your team in NBA 2K21 you will be able to make the best gaming team that is within your reach and ability. Luck!

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