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NBA 2K21: How to Upgrade Players

2020-09-14 08:23:12

Guide to learn how to upgrade players in NBA 2K21

One of the most important missions in the game is to conquer the neighborhood courts, but for this you must make sure that your character is up to the task. A visit to the Quarter will introduce you to many players above your level, even above the level cap that you thought was your cap. Because this we will teach you in this guide how to update players.

How to upgrade players in NBA 2K21?

By starting your "My Career" mode, you will be able to trace how you want your character to play. If you import the mode you choose you will still have to set limits to what they can do. And for this you have to eliminate the limits of the character itself.

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    In the menu choose the option "My career" and you will see a progression tab. Select this tab and it will take you to your statistics screen, where you can see all your game statistics and that is where you can buy updates.

    Use the left stick to navigate left and right to highlight the stat you would like to update. Still using the left stick, flick up on the highlighted stat and you'll notice it increase in value. You will use VC to update these statistics.

    You will notice that in the upper right corner of the screen there are a limited number of stat points that you can assign to this particular character. While that is absolutely the case at first, you can exceed this limit when your character reaches an overall rating of 85. After that you will see the limit disappear.

    Now that you know how to upgrade players in NBA 2K21 you can do almost anything with your character because the limits will be removed. Luck!

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